Pocket sprung mattress

About Spring

Can u feel any spring inside ? Is that comfy to have for 4 years old children? I appreciate to hear any negative and positive side of this plz. thanks

About the hardness of the mattress

What firmness is this?

I want to know the hardness about the mattress. Firm, mediun or soft?

Size of mattress

Will the box fit into a family size car boot?

Can you please tell me what size the delivery box would be with a single mattress inside?

is it 20cm deep or 9 inches as it says both

Is 3 foot a standard size mattress

Are these mattresses suitable for bunk beds?

Double Memory Foam Mattress

Size of mattress

Can the mattress be raised slightly at the head as I am asthmatic and cannot lie flat? Thank uou. I am looking to buy the single

How deep is this mattress

Type of mattress

Is this a rolled mattress ?

Mattress With Pillow Top

Packing of Mattress

What is the packing of the mattress?

Smell of Mattress

Does this smell of chemicals (fire rrtardents)