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Do you have a sleep disorder?

Maybe you wake up with a sore back;

Maybe you're troubled by the loud vibrations from your partner's turn in the night;

Maybe you're a company manager and the stress of life and work has caused you to lose sleep;

Maybe you are a mother-to-be and are having trouble sleeping because you are gaining a little weight;

According to the Sleep Quality Report, more than 20% of people are experiencing sleep problems, meaning that 1 in 5 people have trouble sleeping! Are you one of them?

What makes us toss and turn?

An important factor that affects our sleep is the mattress we are in close contact with every day! A mattress that is too soft or too hard will not only affect the "deep sleep" time, but will also directly damage the health of the spine.

A soft mattress does not support the spine, muscles do not relax and the spine tends to collapse; a hard mattress does not support all parts of the body in a balanced way, blood circulation is poor, forcing the spine to hang in the air. A mattress that doesn't fit well can make us turn over as many as 50 - 150 times throughout the night.

Everyone's spine is different and the right fit is the best. The ability of a mattress to provide dynamic support to accommodate the reality of uneven body weight distribution becomes the key to a "quality mattress".

All these problems will be solved if you choose to buy a Homyline pocket sprung mattress, a mattress that takes the pressure of your body while its memory foam provides a gentle touch, as it is a blend of spring and memory foam. This makes the mattress more comfortable, supportive and durable, allowing sleepers to have a more comfortable and healthy sleeping experience.

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