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More About Mattress:

#Pocket Spring Coil :
Supports hundreds of quality and stainless pocket spring, which considered to be the best coil support system working to evenly distribute your weight while aligning all parts of your body, can effectively absorb the noise and vibration caused by tossing and turning when sleeping. So, if you move around a lot on your side in your sleep and not wake up your partner on the other side.

#9-Zone Orthopaedic Ergonomic Design
Good for body shaping, all with fresh material, non-toxic, eco-friendly, comfortable and breathable, guarantee your health, exquisite modern outlook appearance design, decorate your room with good taste, super good cost performance. Master advanced technology and strict execute quality control.

With Breathable Brocade Fabric

#Luxury knit fabrics
3D soft fabric with elegant decorative design,soft surface.

#Dry and Breathable
The surface of fabric is designed with air permeable hole for more refreshing sleep.

#Safety and Health
The rate of antibiotics and anti mites was 99.9%

#Natural material
0 irritation,more comfortable skin,not cause an allergy.

Excellent shock-absorption and High resilience with massage wave shape, promote the blood circulation in good condition, fully relax your muscles and release the body stress, keep your spine balanced and positive, help adjust and correct your sleeping posture to greatly improve your sleeping quality.

#High Carbon Steel
Spring It has strong resilience and avoids the sound caused by rusty friction.

#Not Interfere With Each Other
When one is turning over or leaving,the other won't be affected.

#Air Permeability
Spring is packed with breathable fabric,well ventilated and moisture proof and anti-mildew.

#Two Times Heat Treatment
Corrosion-resistant,heat-resistant,and resilient,ensure that it can be used for more than 20 years.

#Pocket Spring System
Each spring operates independently,expand independently.

#Correct Postures
According to different body pressures,naturally adjust your postures to make body relaxing.

   #3D Breathable Knitted

   #High-elasticity Foam
   #Massage Wavy Foam

   #isolated Layer Cotton Pad

   #Individual Pocket Spring

   #Isolated Layer Cotton Pad

   #Thick Non-woven Fabric

Non la has numerous uses

Non la can serve numerous uses such as a personal sun proof, a basket for women going to market, a fan of a ploughman in hot summer days, or even a keepsake to memorize. The image of a young lady wearing Non la and Ao dai is a beautiful symbol of Vietnam.

It’s actually not a big jump from play to learning for children when it comes to learning about the natural world, science and astronomy. Exploration is a natural part of being a child and growing up in a fascinating world and universe. So if we can find ways to take that natural desire to explore and instill a life long passion for astronomy, we will have given our children a truly great gift.


We are committed to creating a comfortable and soft mattress that will give you a beautiful evening without interference.

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Vietnam and its magnificent beauty

Vietnam's culture has developed over the centuries from indigenous ancient Đông Sơn culture with wet rice agriculture as its economic base. Some elements of the national culture have Chinese origins, drawing on elements of Confucianism and Taoism in its traditional political system and philosophy. Vietnamese society is structured around làng (ancestral villages); all Vietnamese mark a common ancestral anniversary on the tenth day of the third lunar month. In recent centuries, the influences of Western cultures, most notably France and the United States, have become evident in Vietnam.

The traditional focuses of Vietnamese culture are humanity and harmony; family and community values are highly regarded. In the modern era, the cultural life of Vietnam has been deeply influenced by government-controlled media and cultural programs. For many decades, foreign cultural influences – especially those of Western origin – were shunned. However, since the 1990s, Vietnam has seen a greater exposure to Southeast Asian, European and American culture and media.

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