AMBRA Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow  for Neck Back Pain Prevention & Relief
  • AMBRA pillows are made of bamboo fiber, just like feeling in the forest, enjoying a refreshing and breathable night. Bamboo fiber also makes it super hygienic (ideal if you’re prone to allergies) and easy to wash.

  • We will process your order and delivery within 6-8 weeks! Please be patient and understand the situation.

  • If you find any problems, you can contact us in time.We are always waiting for you



Shredded bamboo memory foam is a new type of memory foam pillow. The ergonomic design and good heat absorption ability make this pillow popular in summer.

This pillow is based on memory cotton and added with crushed bamboo leaves. The purpose of crushed bamboo leaves is to absorb heat and provide a cool environment for sleep.

Orthopedic Contour Pillow:

The pillow is ergonomically constructed, and the surface of the memory pad is more suitable for the cervical vertebra, which is helpful to correct the wrong sleeping position and correct the spine.

The function of the shredded bamboo memory foam pillow was good at heat absorption performance and absorb a small amount of water vapour in the air, which makes the users can maintain a cool sleep at night.


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