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About orthopaedic pocket sprung mattress

Why so many people have a hunchback when they are old?

It is related to our long-standing traditional concept that We generally believe people should sleep on hardboard when growing during child time, which is good for children's bone growth and development.

Unexpectedly this is just how we affect the normal growth of our spine. The lumbar vertebrae need to rely on while sleeping. Sleeping on a hard bed for a long time will cause the lumbar spine to grow vertically. The longer we stand, the greater the pressure on the lumbar spine and the hunchback over time.

With the continuous development of the market, people's quality requirements for furniture are also flying higher. Especially for parents, hoping that the quality of children's furniture can meet certain quality standards.

The orthopedic mattress has the function of body orthosis. It is designed according to ergonomic principles which distribute the pressure of the human body according to the various parts of the human spine, fully conforms to the curve and movement of the human body, automatically adjusts the bad sleeping position, relaxes the spine and restores the cervical vertebrae. No wonder it is the best choice for every parent who loves children.

With the improvement of living standards, people have more and more requirements for bedding. There is no mattress on the market that has the correct sleeping posture and helps to form a standard body shape. Ordinary mattresses do not play a role in the formation of a correct sleeping position, nor do they have an active effect on the formation of good body shape.

Here are some of the orthopedic pocket spring mattresses that help people improve and correct their body shape through sleep.

The purpose of the orthopedic pocket spring mattress is to overcome the above-mentioned deficiencies of the prior art and to provide the society with a mattress that is cultivating to help form a correct sleep posture and a good body shape function.

The basic structure of the orthopedic pocket spring mattress is: a human-shaped pit with a specified sleeping posture on the surface of the mattress, the human-shaped pit restricts the posture of the person while sleeping, and the human spine is in a more reasonable state to cultivate a correct sleeping posture and help the spine grow and develop healthily. The human-shaped pits can be made into different models according to the size of the human body, and can also have human-shaped pits such as sleeping on the back and sleeping on the side. According to people's existing sleep habits, they can be on the premise of not affecting the correct sleeping position. The lower limbs have space for changing the placement position, and the bottom member of the human-shaped pit can be selected and replaced, and the bottom shape can be changed, such as a combination of various curved surfaces, planes, curved surfaces, etc., and the mattress can be manufactured by segmentation. It can adjust the height of the pillow and the leg, and it is also convenient to fold. In order to meet the needs of human body growth, it is also possible to leave some space for growth and development at the top of the head and the lower part of the foot. Of course, the mattress connected in sections and the gap at the adjustment connection line also has this effect.

Preferably, the shape of the bottom of the human-shaped pit has a curved surface adapted to the human body to form a correct sleeping position and body shape, and also makes the sleep comfortable.

Orthopedic pocket spring mattresses help to shape humanoid pits to form the correct sleeping position and standard body shape of the human body. Choosing the right bottom surface will take care of people's existing sleeping habits and making people feeling comfortable when they sleep, and gradually form a correct sleeping position and correct body shape. Correction of the sleeping position and body shape of minors, infants and young children play an Indispensable role in cultivating correct sleeping position and body shape. What’s more, it also avoids the problem off baby's hindbrain flatness caused by long-term sleep.

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