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Based on the recognition of HomyLink mattresses, if you are an influencer on social media and have a large number of fans, or you are an excellent commentator, please feel free to contact us to participate in our free mattress collection activities.

As long as you are willing to share the wonderful experience brought by HomyLink with everyone around you and publish it on your personal social platform, it will be our pleasure to cooperate with you.

HomyLink picks a lucky one among the participants every week. Who knows if it will be you? I look forward to seeing you shine in the comments.

Regardless of whether you can get a mattress for free, as long as you subscribe to our website, you will get a £ 10 coupon.

The mattresses obtained at this event are as good as all the mattresses being sold, they are strictly produced, and the items sold after inspection.

Come and participate!


1. @ "Homylink"

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Whatever you like! 

2. Fill out the form

In order to get to know you better, we want to get your information.Ensure safety.

3. Waiting for notification!

Don't worry, there are too many people! We need to check. As long as you insist, the prize must be yours!


1. Follow " Homylink ". 

2. Fill in the following form (need wait 1-2 seconds) and complete the task sent by the staff (very easy). 

3.This event will begin in March. Testers will be announced in the community. One tester will be selected each week. 

4. Open only to UK residents. 

5. Review requirements: After receiving the product, you need to share this activity within two weeks. Leave a comment on the Mattress you have received on your social media. You may not need to comment on the specific website. But finally, please @Homylink, let us know that. 

6. Where to share your comment: You don't need to post comments to a specific website, but you can do it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), YouTube, community, blog, trading website or other online space. 

7. HomyLink reserves the right of final interpretation.

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