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HomyLink mattresses are dedicated to bringing the perfect sleep experience to users. Each mattress sold by us has been repeatedly modified by a professional designer who has designed the template for more than ten years. Each layer of the HomyLink mattress is made of natural and environmentally friendly materials. The overall structure follows the ergonomic concept. Each mattress is manufactured by our own factory, which having mechanized assembly lines that has 15 years of production experience. What's more, a skilled worker vacuum-compresses the packaging before sending it out of the factory.

HomyLink has sold more than 100,000 mattresses on Amazon, ranking on the top of Amazon's front page, and is well known by many customers. 99% of customers who have purchased HomyLink mattresses say that the HomyLink mattress is something that people will not regret buying. Highly praises of HomyLink mattress like a flowing river.

We have been preparing to deliver the best HomyLink mattresses to every sleeper who is pursuit of a quality night. We need a trusted partners or distributors to expand HomyLink's sales map and work together to provide quality products to consumers. What is certain is that HomyLink's partners will be paid handsomely.

Would you consider joining this exciting sales plan with HomyLink?

Why partner with HomyLink?

1. Competitive Prices 

As HomyLink mattress comes from its own factory and the advantages of purchasing high-quality raw materials, we can provide a very competitive price while ensuring the quality of our products.

2. Professional Product Supplier 

Each of  HomyLink's mattresses has been repeatedly designed and modified by professional designers. The mattress is produced by mechanized assembly line factories with more than 15 years of production experience, and the vacuum packaging is small in size and very convenient to transport.


3. Guaranteed Product Quality   

HomyLink's mattress materials are all environmentally friendly and durable. They are hypoallergenic, breathable and easy take care of. Ergonomically designed and fire-certified mattresses make it a more reassuring choice for consumers. It is very popular with consumers in the market and compares favorably with other brands. 

 4. Perfect Sales Guarantee 

HomyLink's mattresses have a 100-day free sleep trial after-sales service and a professional after-sales system. Both consumers and distributors are under reassuring guarantee.

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For every HomyLink mattress you sell, you will receive a commission greater than 12%. If you have a high-quality marketing channel and a mature sales system, the returns will be more generous.


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