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PINE Gel Memory Foam Sprung Mattress

It is suitable for those perfectionists who want a mattress with outstanding performance. 

This mattress brings together many of the best features of the mattress. 

The unique gel upper layer can reduce the heat released by the body and avoid the accumulation of sweat. Multi-functional sponges with special memory sponges to help the spine stretch; Separate pocket spring pockets provide solid support for the body spine. 

Lowering the surface temperature helps the blood circulate, helps the body fall into a deep sleep, and the multiple layers of softness and support allow the body to relieve stress. 

Anyone sleep on the PINE would wake up everyday like a brand new day.

Why Choose This Mattress

Individual Pocket Spring Mattress

The independent pocket spring layer is the layer that provides the main support for the entire mattress. Independently distributed spring pockets can accurately support the weight of different parts of the human body, while absorbing noise generated by movement during sleep.

Exclusive Gel Memory Foam Layer

The gel layer made of high-quality materials is injected into the memory foam, which can radiates heat from the surface of the body but will not feel cold. With the the function of adjusting the body's sleeping posture, it is easier for the body to fall into a deep sleep state.

7-segment Partition System

The mattress adopts ergonomic design and 7-zone segmented pressure design, which can fit the body's sleeping body curve, effectively relieve the body's stress and adjust the poor sleeping posture. By promoting blood circulation throughout the body, it makes it easier for the body to enter deep sleep at night.

Beneficial For Blood Circulation

Gel-infused memory pads are different from ordinary memory pads because of their unique gel factor, which helps cool the skin on the surface of the body, making the body feel relaxed and easy to fall asleep. It also has the advantage of adjusting and remembering the body's posture, making it easier to fall into a deep sleep.

Vacuum Roll Packed

The mattress has been vacuum compressed sealed and neatly rolled in a box. The mattress can be spring back to the original size within 1-2 days after unpacking. (Note: Please take just a few minutes to read the Introduction Booklet before unpacking.)

Quality Assurance

All materials are strictly selected to ensure safety and Eco-friendly , each mattress has been designed and modified hundreds of times, and each product is carefully packaged and inspected before delivery. What's more, provided with the Fire Safety, standard UK Fire - retardant treatment.

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