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Can 'hard beds' really save your waist?

Some people appear backache problems when seeing a doctor, the advice that often gets is: sleep hard plank bed!

So some people go home to remove the mattress, on the bed board on a thin layer of sheets to sleep, that is to follow the doctor's advice!

We've often heard that it's healthier to sleep on a hard bed, but can this save your waistline? Wrong!


A hard bed is not a bed board!

Normal spinal physiological structure of the human body from the side looks like an s-shaped physiological curve, if sleep too hard plank bed, can not cooperate with the normal curve of the human spine, the waist can not be supported, a long time is also easy to cause strain, aggravating back pain and other symptoms.


Good hard bed, to the body protuberant bone, joint still has a certain effect. Sleep on an excellent hard bed, only a few points of the head, back, buttock, the heel will bear pressure, the spinal column can be in stiff stand tight state, need lumbar back muscle to support, when Morpheus less than should some loosen the effect.


So stop letting what you think of as "hard beds" murder your health!


Do westerners sleep on soft mattresses?

Someone said again, westerners sleep on soft mattresses, that is, the softer the better?


No! No! No!


Too soft bed, the person lies above can make spinal column shows a curve condition, the short-term meeting feels lumbar acerbity backache. Long-term such, still can cause the body to be in the middle section sunken, the muscle of upper part of the body is flabby, lower muscle is pulled tight, cause lumbar muscle and bone strain easily, cause a vertebra to bend or twist even!


Growth and development of children if a long time to sleep soft bed, will affect the development of its spine, leading to the hunchback, spine bending deformation!


So, the proposal that the doctor says sleeps hard plank bed is not to say to sleep on hardboard directly, want cushion on bed board, however, namely above softer and the bed that is hard plank below, such ability accord with the normal curve of human body vertebra.


So for ordinary people, when choosing a mattress, what kind of choice?


What kind of bed are we supposed to sleep in?

1. Remember the hardness 3:1

Remember one rule: a mattress should not be hard enough not to deform, nor soft enough to deform too much.

Might as well undertake according to 3∶1 principle when choosing a mattress, 3 centimeters thick mattress, hand presses sunken go down 1 centimeter appropriate; The mattress with 10 centimeters thick is same also, sink slightly go down 3 centimeters soft hard more moderate, by this analogy.


2. Paste and degree: lying flat with the hand test

The appropriate mattress can make vertebra maintains a natural extension to spend, fit completely with shoulder, waist, buttock, do not leave space.

Here's a way to do it:

Lie on your back on the mattress and stretch your hands in to see if there is any space between your neck, waist, hips, and thighs, where they are bent.


Roll over to one side and use the same method to see if there is a gap between the concave part of your body and the mattress.


If the hand can be interspersed easily in aperture, express bed namely too hard.


If the palm is close to the seam, it proves that the mattress fits the natural curve of the neck, back, waist, hips, and legs during sleep.

different support zone


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