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Cool gel memory foam mattress

Gel mattress could bring people the most comfortable temperature, the main reason is because the gel has the property of heat resistance. Gel is a kind of known as the 21st century’s green new energy of hydrogen storage materials, as hydrogen has a high calorific value, although the air content in the hydrogen content is very few, gel has good performance of the hydrogen absorption, put 3. Made into a gel mattress, the gel layer for our sleep in time to replenish the heat.

So what exactly is gel mattress? The soft cushion filling of gel mattress is composed of 6 layers of soft fiber with different functions and high-tech treatment, among which the natural gel contains reed essence and after special softening treatment, can effectively absorb sweat and drain moisture, conducive to skin moisture, and play the role of refreshing and beauty. Long-term use of gel mattress, not only can cover our sleep quality, but also can play a cosmetic role.

A premium cool gel memory foam mattress is a product that you won't regret buying. There are many gel mattresses on the market now, HomyLink's cool gel memory foam mattress--“PINE” offers an attractive price on the premise of scientific design, high-quality materials and environmental protection. It is suitable for those perfectionists who want a mattress with outstanding performance. 

This PINE mattress brings together many of the best features of the mattress. The unique gel upper layer can reduce the heat released by the body and avoid the accumulation of sweat. The surface temperature of the mattress added with gel is relatively low, which is close to the temperature of human sleeping body, help to improve the sleep quality, making the body relax to the state of deep sleep in the shortest time, thus promoting blood circulation and skin metabolism.

Multi-functional sponges with special memory sponges to help the spine stretch, enhance the PINE’s bearing capacity. With the use of gel and memory foam, it could greatly improve the support of memory foam bonding effect, enhance protection function of spinal health. What's more, cool gel memory foam mattress not only can assure the comfortable sex of morpheus, with human body completely fit, but also can have the effect that massages whole body.

The rebound rate of gel memory cotton is more able to meet the needs of human body after compression and subsidence. The surface of gel mattress adopts a three-dimensional structure, which is more perfect than the general structure to support each part of the body, effectively distributing the pressure of each part equally.

Safety and environmental protection. The gel material is generally extracted from the most essential parts of the natural plant interior, so it is safe and environmental friendly.Gel material and latex have a big difference, gel has latex related characteristics, but gel material will not cause human skin allergy, this is why latex mattress can not compare with.

How does it compare with other HomyLink mattresses? As opposed to the "GILIA" separate pocket spring mattress. It is well known that pocket sprung mattresses provide effective support for all parts of the body, while separate pocket sprung structures absorb the noise of physical activity. It is suitable for customers who need ergonomic support and do not want the mattress to be too soft but moderate hardness. Compare that to "TUUVA." The top of the pillow is designed to have a 7cm pillow on top of the TUUVA mattress, so lying on the surface of such a mattress is like lying on the surface of a soft cotton layer. "BLACKTREE" memory cotton with independent spring can not only stretch the spine of the body, but also ensure that all parts of the body get effective support, is a very spine friendly mattress. The outstanding feature of "PINE" cool gel memory cotton is that it can cater to body temperature changes, giving the skin a slightly colder surface environment suitable for sleep, and the memory cotton layer can effectively rebound. If there are no specific requirements for hardness and spine support, then the cool gel with memory cotton is the perfect choice for consumers, whether it is medium hardness or high elasticity with adjustable temperature function, safe and healthy material would make anyone sleep on the PINE would wake up everyday like a brand new day.

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  • Nice mattrewss!

  • Nice mattress!


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