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Different Of Foam Products

Different Of Foam Products

Different materials of sponge have different effects.


Quick/Fast Dry Foam


Waterproof, Quick/fast dry. Environmental friendly, Anti-bacterial and anti-mite.


Wildly used in the baby mattress and medical care.

Safest Material:

Dry-Fast is a technologically advanced, mildew resistant product Which Prohibits and suppresses the growth of common molds and fungus inside the cushions. Tough and long-lasting foam that is perfect for outdoor and marine seating applications

Quickly/Good ability:

Another advantage of using quick dry foam cushions is that they can remain considerably cleaner than conventional foam cushions. Dirt, dust, and irritants can get trapped in the structure of traditional foam which is almost impossible to get out.


Hydrophilic Foam


0-Pressure, Ventilate, Heat radiation, Constant temperature, Soft in low temperature, Moisture-proof, Skin, Support, Environmental friendly, Anti-bacterial and Anti mite.

Best Comfort as baby skin/silk:

Foam performance hardly changes to the environment, providing steady comfort at the service life cycle, Best comfort by lowest surface hardness, Lowest oppressive to the human body, improving comfort and body supportiveness.

Safest Material:

Several key properties set this foam apart. First, it is smooth. This means that it can be used to apply medication or cosmetic products to human skin and membranes without causing abrasion. Unlike many other types of foam, Capu-Cell is strong and tear-resistant so it can be used to clean and protect industrial surfaces. Its hydrophilic design ensures full absorption of solvents and fluids, ensuring both minimal wastes when used as an applicator and for wicking.

Quickly/Good transmission ability:

Higher open cell rate leads to air-transmission, Moisture balance system with hydrophilicity of natural material. Quick moisture transmission. No heat accumulation.


Memory Foam


Constant temperature, Release pressure, Environmental friendly, Anti-bacterial and anti mite.

Back and Joint Support:

As body weight is evenly supported across the surface of a memory foam mattress, it also works to support your body’s natural alignment. Other types of mattresses concentrate weight on the heaviest areas of the body, which can result in distorting the position of your hips, legs or shoulders relative to your spine. The regular foam layer that sits below the memory foam also plays a role in support, preventing you from sinking too far down.


Memory foam molds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight. It then returns to its original shape once you remove the pressure.

Relief & Not affect:

Since memory foam conforms to the curves of your body, it does allow for pressure point relief, which is especially helpful for those who sleep on their side.


High Resilience Foam


Minimal deformation after repeated compression.

Test result:

This series of products By 80 thousand repeated compression test.
In terms of hardened, the hardness difference between the parts of the same test piece is only 5%, which is much lower than that of the ordinary foam test before and after 60%.
In terms of height, the difference is less than 2%, while ordinary foam is higher than 10%.


High resilience is a polyurethane foam that has much higher responsiveness than memory foam, which has a slower response. Because of this, those that enjoy more of a bounce in their mattress will gravitate towards this type of foam.


Gel Memory Foam


Air purification, improve sleep, antibacterial
Cool and fresh

Cool and  :

A gel memory foam, sometimes known as a gel Visco foam mattress, is different from the typical memory foam mattress in that it's made from gel particles and Visco foam, increasing airflow and reducing the heat of the mattress. If you sleep hot, you can choose the cool gel foam.

Safest Material:

Plush, therapeutic memory foam aligns your spine and helps eliminate pressure points. Its contouring qualities allow you to sleep soundly and wake up without back pain.

Ventilated Design:

Ventilated Design Unlike traditional memory foam, this topper is ventilated for superior airflow and temperature regulation. This added breathability means you can rest more comfortably.



The mattress is made of 7 layers of different materials, a soft and comfortable memory foam layer, a highly elastic elastic foam layer, a wave massage foam layer that massages the body part, and a breathable skin-absorbing foam layer on the surface:

#3D Breathable Knitted Foam

#Memory Foam 

#High-elasticity Foam

#Massage Wavy Foam




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