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How do I care for my mattress?

The comfort of a mattress has a direct impact on the quality of one's sleep. A good mattress mattress can make people have a comfortable sleep, but also to relieve the fatigue of the human body. Long-term in the sleeping posture is not quite correct, will cause back pain, and a good mattress can also adjust the human body itself sleeping posture, beneficial to the body more healthy. 

Choose a good mattress is very necessary it. In the purchase of mattresses, we, from its style, quality, comfort, soft and hard degree (soft and hard, flexible, comfortable to sleep), service and other aspects to consider, Homylink in this area of quality reputation are very good, is a good choice to buy a mattress.

Mattress maintenance 5 tips:

1. An important concept in cleaning a mattress is to "sucked dry" it, not to wipe it.

2. use a bedspread and change the cover frequently.

3. vacuum the mattress every month to prevent dust and dust mites from accumulating.

4. in order to make the mattress springs evenly stressed, you can swap the front and back or placement direction every three months, head and feet to use, avoid always sleeping on the same position.

5. Do not often sit on the edge of the mattress, the corner, a long time pressure is easy to cause the edge of the bed collapse.

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