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How to choose the fittest mattress for yourself?

The mattress played a vital role in our quality of sleep, we should choose the moderate hardness mattress, and what is the moderate hardness mattress was? For the request of the moderate hardness of mattress which hardness is most fitted for the consumer?

That was a common concern for the consumers. The scientific proof that the soft mattress will reduce the support of the spine, the firm mattress was uncomfortable for the sleeper, so that the firmer and the softer mattress both bad for the healthy sleep. Compared to a hardwood mattress and a soft sponge bed, the soft and moderate spring mattresses are more conducive to good sleep. 

The flexible mattress is essential for human comfort and sleeps quality, and the distribution of the support force of the spring mattress is relatively uniform and reasonable, it can not only fully support the body, but also ensure a reasonable curvature of the spine; sleep on a spring mattress can make your sleep more securely and improve your sleep efficiency, that you will feel energetic after you awake. 

You will gain a higher quality of sleeping if you sleep on a sprung mattress than the wooden or foam mattress, it is a wrong way if you choose a firmer mattress, that will damage your health. A comfortable mattress not only supports your body but also allows you to move freely on it. On the contrary, sleeping on a hard cushion, your movement is not supported, but it makes sleep physical labor. 

The studies have shown that when you are sleeping on a hard mat, the blood circulation in the back of the person is interrupted and distorted, so the quality of the whole sleep is degraded.

That will make you mad when you feel your body stiff, and every part of the body will painful. The too soft mattress also bad for your health because the spine will be bent for a long time and you will depression into the mattress when you lie on it which also makes you uncomfortable. You can through lying on the bed then shaking your body, lying on your every back for two minutes, consciously slowing down the movement of the body then turned and lie another sideways. When lying down, stretch your hands to the neck, waist, and under the hips to the thighs to see whether have any gaps; turn over to one side and use the same method to try to see if there is any gap between the protruding part of the body curve and the mattress. If there is no gap here, it proves that the mattress and the natural curve of the neck, back, waist, hip, and leg during sleep are in good agreement. Such a mattress was moderately soft and hard. 

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Which mattress most suitable to you? 

 And how to choose a quality mattress that suits your body characteristics? Every sleeper has a firmness level that works best for them, whether it’s a universal comfort mattress or one that fits the needs of a stomach, back, or side sleeper. Heavy, light, or in between, there is a mattress that will feel just right for you. All three positions are key players when deciding on the right firmness level. 

 On your side, you create a multitude of pressure points. Side sleepers typically need a soft or medium mattress that is able to contour to the curves on the side of your body (yes, men, even you have some curves). Sleeping on your stomach can create lower back issues, so as a result, stomach sleepers usually need a medium or slightly firm mattress. This helps to keep the spine in alignment when lying on your stomach. And back sleepers tend to struggle with back pain or neck pain that can result from a bad mattress. Back sleepers can choose slightly soft, medium, or moderately firm. The most important attribute is selecting a mattress that relieves pressure and offers ample support.

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