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How to choose the right mattress and pillow to ensure sleep quality?

Slender People Are Suitable For Soft Mattresses

For single nobles, the sleepless pillow is not only lonely in mood, but also because of the lack of warm companionship, which spreads from the body to cold in the mood.


How Thin People Pick Mattress

A moderate hard and soft mattress can effectively regulate and evenly disperse the weight from all parts of the body, provide the best supporting force and the appropriate stress area, and ultimately achieve deep sleep.

If the choice is based on fat and thin, thin people are more vulnerable to stress due to fewer muscles, shoulder bones and pelvis, so they should choose soft mattress; if the choice is based on habitual sleeping posture, generally side sleeping with a slightly softer mattress, back sleeping with a slightly harder mattress. Generally lying in bed, when the mattress load-bearing subsidence depth in the range of 1 to 5 centimeters, is appropriate. After lying down, when the hand is difficult to insert into the lower part of the waist, the mattress is too soft, it is easy to insert the mattress is too hard, just insert is appropriate.


How Thin People Pick Pillows

The height of the pillow is related to each person's weight, shoulder width and neck length. The height of the pillow can make up for the difference between head and shoulder when lying on the side.

Therefore, people who are used to sleeping on their side should choose a higher pillow; those who are used to sleeping on their back need a pillow that holds up the neck to maintain the physiological curvature of the cervical spine; those who are used to sleeping on their back should choose a thinner pillow.


Two People Had Better Choose A Separate Mattress

One hundred years to build the same boat, one thousand years to build a sleeping pillow. The bed is the core of a family and the most delicate and intimate place to witness a couple's feelings. The sleeping state of a couple in bed is more like that of a couple, with respect in sweetness and intimacy without entanglement.


How Do Couples Choose Mattresses

Many couples have different demands for the softness and hardness of the mattress. When one side turns over, it is easy to interfere with the other side. It is suitable to choose a split mattress at this time. A separate mattress according to both sides of the mattress soft and hard requirements, two mattresses merged into one, to achieve the effect of turning over each other without interference.

If sleeping on the same mattress, a latex mattress is a good choice, its contact area is much higher than an ordinary mattress, can average disperse the human body weight-bearing capacity, to achieve all-round support. Also, latex mattress has high elasticity, can meet the needs of different weight groups, more suitable for two people.


How Do Couples Choose Pillows

If you want not to disturb each other's sleep, memory pillow is a good choice. Material for high density, shock absorption, breathable memory technology sponge, can fully sense the human body's weight and temperature characteristics, using temperature sensing subsidence to give full support to all parts, and let the human body in a natural and smooth radian. Memory pillow can relax the neck completely. It can keep the most natural neck posture whether sleeping on the back or the side. It can also avoid the problem of neck and shoulder muscle fatigue and soreness. Its shock absorption function also prevents one person from turning around and disturbing the other.


Independent Spring Mattress for Three People

One person sleeps too lonely, two people sleep well, three people sleep too crowded. Newly born babies, Wang Xing or Miao Xing, who "commit humiliation" in the middle of the night, make our beds have to bear the pressure of "the third party".


How to Choose Mattress for Three Family Members

Three people sleep, the independent bag spring mattress is more suitable, because each spring of the independent bag spring mattress is independent movement, can fully block other people from getting up and down and turning over the shock, thus not causing interference to others. At the same time, to prevent the influence of children's bed-wetting on the mattress, it is suggested to choose a new technology of waterproof and breathable coated mattress to solve the problem.

The stability of the edge of the mattress is also one of the most important factors in choosing a mattress for a family of three babies. Whether the edge of the mattress is surrounded by the edge supporting the contraction spring structure is also one of the factors considered when choosing to buy.


How to Choose Pillows for Three Family Members

Because the baby's skin is extremely delicate and sensitive, Lai Weiguo said that the texture of the pillow core should be soft, light, breathable and hygroscopic. It is suggested that the pillow core should not be made of too soft material, because children have many prone postures and too soft pillows will have safety problems. The contact area between pillow and head can be made to resemble the back of the head as far as possible. The pillowcase should be made of pure cotton cloth.


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