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What is Pocket sprung mattress

The pocket spring mattress combines fabric pockets and spring springs to form a sleeping surface that responds to your body, providing unparalleled full-body support. They are a great choice if you share a bed because springs help prevent "rolling together", and both places end up rolling towards the middle of the bed at night.

What is a pocket spring mattress? 

Similar to traditional spring mattresses, pocket spring mattresses contain hundreds of springs. However, the main difference is that these elastic springs are individually packaged in their fabric bags and are not directly connected. This means that the springs can move independently and adapt to your body contours. They also prevent "rolling together", where you and your partner get caught in the middle of the bed, ensuring a more comfortable sleep overall.

What is the difference between a standard spring mattress and a pocket spring mattress? 

In open-coil mattresses, the spring coils that form the mattress move together as a whole, so if you sleep next to someone and they move at night, you also move! Pocket spring mattresses are made from individual springs, which are held in a fabric pocket. This allows each spring to move independently of the others, creating more support while you sleep and reducing mattress movement.

Why choose a pocket spring mattress? 

Compared to open coil mattresses, pocket spring mattresses are a better choice for several reasons. The pocket springs move independently of each other, thus providing better support and comfort. The construction of the mattress also means that movement is restricted, so this is an excellent choice for couples because you have less chance to wake up at night.

How many pocket springs do I need? 

As a rule of thumb, the more pockets you have in your mattress, the stronger the support. The higher the number of spring bounce, the more contact with your body and the better the contours. Our pocket spring mattresses range from 1000 springs to 4000 springs and come in a variety of hardness levels from soft to very strong.

The hardness of pocket spring mattress 

Once you decide to buy a pocket spring mattress, you will need to choose how soft or firm the mattress you want. The firmness of a mattress has a lot to do with its construction, not how many pockets the spring has. This means that mattresses with a large number of pocket springs can be soft or sturdy, depending on your preferences. Soft mattresses are great for lying on your side, and people who sleep on their backs or belly may prefer hard mattresses.

Pocket sprung mattresses combine sprungs and fabric pockets to provide a comfortable and supportive night’s rest. These mattresses can also be tailored to your specific preferences depending on your ideal comfort grade or size. The mattresses work by distributing your weight evenly with individual sprungs that push against your body to provide that unrivalled support.

What are the benefits of pocket spring mattresses? 

Pocket spring mattresses provide excellent comfort and support. Thanks to these individually wrapped springs, you can rest assured that your back and joints are in safe hands and there is no risk of damage. Similarly, any pressure point will be gently supported by the foam mattress to keep you comfortable all night. Another advantage of pocket spring mattresses is that these springs can prevent you and your partner from rolling together, while other mattresses are usually unavoidable.

Choosing the best pocket spring mattress comfort 

Pocket spring mattresses come in a variety of comfort levels, from soft to very strong. Choosing which support is best for you depends mostly on your personal preferences and whether you like soft mattresses or something stronger. However, your sleeping posture plays a significant role in it.

Soft and comfortable grade provides a maximum cushioning effect. I have recommended for side sleepers because their pressure points are hips and elbows. Without sufficient cushioning, these pressure points are easily damaged.

Medium comfort provides cushioning and support. Therefore, it is recommended for those who sleep on the back and front of the spine as it helps the spine to maintain natural alignment.

It is also recommended to use firm and very firm mattress grades for post-sleepers as they provide maximum support to the spine.

What size pocket spring mattress should I get? 

The appropriate size of the mattress depends on who sleeps on it. Since pocket spring mattresses are a trendy choice, we can provide beds of all sizes, from cribs to 6'0 full king-size beds. A single mattress with an average pocket spring bounce is 3'0 wide and 190 cm long. However, the standard pocket spring double bed is 4'6 wide and 190cm long.

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