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Pocket sprung mattress or memory foam mattress?

——Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of mattress

When people choose a mattress, they are always confused about how to decide. This article analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the independent pocket sprung mattress and the cool gel memory foam mattress. After reading, everyone should know which mattress to choose to accompany them at night.

Advantages of memory foam mattress

1. It is very sensitive to temperature, and provide comfortable hardness according to the temperature of the body, so that every part of the body relax well. 

2. Slow rebound function. The memory foam mattress collapses under pressure and the rebound is not violence but slow. After the pressure is removed, the memory foam matters will return to its original state and evenly distribute the body pressure and the contact point to a comfortable state. 

3. The biggest characteristic is: decomposes the human body pressure, lying on a HomyLink memory foam mattress like floating in the cloud, the whole body blood feeling unobstructed, sleeping deeply and comfortably.

4. The open structure could inhibit the growth of bacteria and mites, makes it suitable for sensitive pregnant women and children.

Disadvantages of memory foam mattress

1.It may contain chemical components, which is easy to make people allergic. 

2.It has heat storage property, if it is used in summer without air condition will feel hot. 

3.It will be harder than usual when the temperature drops.

Advantages of pocket sprung mattress

1. Strong independence: since each pocket sprung can operate independently, the other person will not be disturbed when the sleeping partner turns on the bed, which can prolong the deep sleep time of the sleeper and improve the sleep quality. 

2. More fitting to the human body: the partition design of the independent pocket sprung mattress can make the bearing force and elasticity of the spring in different parts correspond to the appropriate strength of corresponding parts of the human body, support every parts of the body, keep the spine naturally straight, relax muscles, and reduce the unnecessary move at night. 

3. Premium quietness: each pocket sprung is packed in a spring bag with independence to avoid shaking and noise caused by friction. 

The disadvantages of pocket sprung mattress

1. Disadvantage of the spring mattress is because of the independence of the spring design may make some individual springs gradually lose elasticity, thus affects comfort. 

2. In order to make each parts of the mattress evenly stressed, prolong the service life, the owner need turnover the mattress regularly, which maybe a little bit trouble. 

3. Pocket sprung mattress needs to clean regularly, and pay attention to avoid damp and moisture items, otherwise a long time of moisture will affect the life and performance of the sprung.

What about HomyLink’s pocket sprung mattress and memory foam mattress?

HomyLink GILIA——Pocket sprung mattress

Suitable for customers who want to have a more supportive mattress.The stress of each section of the human body is different when lying in bed, and the GILIA's separate pocket spring design allows the body to evenly support different parts of the body, providing a scientific release of stress. Many customers report feeling held up on GILIA mattresses and waking up feeling refreshed rather than tired.

HomyLink BLACKTREE ——Memory foam mattress 

Superior quality double-layer memory foam with multi-layer exclusive sponge layer and independent spring mattress. One layer of memory foam can effectively relieve the body pressure, while the other layer can remember the shape of the extended spine and its shape, so that the body can also enjoy the care of the ergonomically designed mattress in the night sleep. Customers who use it say sleeping on the mattress feels like a deep body rest and relaxation from the inside out.

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