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The correct sleeping position

The disadvantage and advantage of different sleeping position:

There are four kinds of sleeping positions of human, and the choice of sleeping position varies from person to person. Especially for the people with certain diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stomach, it is necessary to pay attention to choosing the correct sleeping position, otherwise it will not only affect the quality of sleep but also aggravate the disease. At the same, the doctor introduction the advantages and disadvantages of four sleeping position, you can choose the corresponding position for yourself, according to your physical conditions. 

 1. SupineAs we know, there is 60 percent of people choose the supine, and this position also is the best public sleeping position recommended by the doctor.Advantage: Do not oppress the organs of the body.Disadvantage: Easy to cause the tongue to fall, block the breathNot suitable for: Who has snoring and with the respiratory diseases. 

 2. ProneThere is 5 percent of people choose the prone, who loved to face down to sleep.Advantage: The doctor points out that who loves to face down to sleep will feel more security and it can help the discharge of foreign bodies in the mouth, and also good for the people with the problems in the lumbar spine.Disadvantage: Compression of the heart and lungs, affecting breathing, and the people with heart disease, high blood pressure, cerebral thrombosis are not suggested to choose to prone. 

 3. Sleep on the left sideThe doctor thinks that this kind of sleeping position easy to cause the tossing and turning when the people fell asleep, and because of the heart of the people was on the left, people sleep on the left side will oppressing the heart, so it was the unhealthy sleeping position.Advantage: The mild oppression of the heart can work out the functions of the heart, that cause people not easy to have a sick.Disadvantage: Sleep on the left side will oppression the heart and the smooth, especially for the people who have smooth ache, acute liver disease, and gallstone patients. 

 4. Sleep on the right sideThere is 25 percent people sleep on the right side. 

Advantage: Will not oppress the heart, that can have a sense of stability. 

Disadvantage: Sleep on the right side will affects the movement of the right lung and it is no t suitable for the patient who has emphysema.Many people fell dizzy, backache, and exhaustion when they wake up. The reason is mainly due to improper sleeping posture.

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The best sleeping position --the half side sleep

The sleeping position when people fall asleep is not stationary when you first fall asleep, you feel that you maintain a relative state posture, but actually, you will change your position about 20 to 60 times all night. The more healthy position was the half side sleep. 

 If it is more specific, the right side is more scientific. When you sleep on the right side, your two lungs will inhale most air, and the body needs the oxygen is transported for the blood. Another one is that the heart was located on the left side of the chest when you sleep on the left, the heart will be squeezed, and increase the burden of the heart. So, the doctor suggests the normal person can sleep on the right. It is worth noting that the pillow should not be too low when lying on the side, otherwise the neck will feel uncomfortable and easy to fall off.

The correct sleeping position of the pregnant women

When the pregnant women in the gestation period, the sleeping position of the pregnant women is very important for the growth and development of the fetus.

At the early gestation period(1 to 3 months): the fetus still develops in the pelvic cavity of the mother in the uterus, and the direct external pressure or self-pressure is not very heavy for the fetus, so the sleep position of the pregnant women is free for the mother, mothers can choose the comfortable position for herself. Like the supine or sleep on the side. But face down the sleep and sleeping with something is not a good position for the mother.

At the medium gestation period(4 to 7 months): at this time, mothers should attention to protect your abdomen, avoid the direct external forces. If the pregnant woman has too much amniotic fluid or twin pregnancy, she should sleep side, that will make the pregnant more comfortable, other sleeping postures will cause compression symptoms. If the pregnant fell the legs are heavy, she can choose the supine, and use the soft pillow to raise the lower limbs.

In the late gestation period(8 to 10 months): at this time the sleeping position is very important because the sleeping position for pregnant women has an important relationship with the safety of the fetus. They should sleep on the left, that can correct the right circumflex of the uterus, and reduce the pressure on the abdominal aorta and the iliac artery and improve blood circulation, increase blood supply to the fetus, the left lateral position can reduce the pressure of the enlarged uterus on the aorta and iliac artery of the pregnant woman, and can maintain the blood flow of the normal uterine artery, that can ensure the blood supply to the placenta and provide the fetus with the nutrients needed for growth and development.

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