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The correcting position of sleeping

How the disease patients choose the best fitting sleeping position

Many diseases are induced or aggravated by improper sleeping postures. For people with certain diseases, it is necessary to pay attention to the sleep posture. People who are sick, choose to sleep according to the people and illness.

The stomach patient: the stomach diseases mainly include gastric ulcer, various types of gastritis and digestive dysfunction. For these people, it is best to sleep on the right side, which is conducive to the smooth running of food from the top to the bottom of the digestive tract. But, the patient who suffers from the esophageal reflux, which is the digestive dysfunction best to sleep on the left side, if they sleep on the right side, the amount of stomach acid from the stomach to the esophagus will be much more than normal, and it will continue to cause stomach burning.

Heart disease: The heart compensation function is still good, the best sleeping position is the right side, that will cause more blood to flow to the right side, and correspondingly reducing the burden on the heart. If your heart failure has occurred, you can use a semi-recumbent position to relieve the difficulties of the breathing. Avoid lying on the left or lying on your stomach.

Hypertension: It is best to lie flat or sideways, especially to note that you should choose the right height of the pillow, which is usually around 15cm. If the pillow is too low, the blood which flows in the brain will increase. If the pillow is too high it will also feel uncomfortable.

The emphysema: You should lie on your back or on your side, raise your head, and stretch your hands upwards to keep your breath open. Do not prone. People with tuberculosis should be on their side, which is good for the blood in the trachea. The left lung is sick, suitable for sleeping on the left side; the right lung is sick, it is suitable for sleeping on the right side.

The gallstones: It should be placed the right side to avoid the stones falling off the neck of the gallbladder by gravity, causing biliary colic.

The cervical spondylosis: it is best to sleep on a hard bed and keep it flat, and the pillow should not be too high. For the elderly with multiple diseases, it is best to sleep on the side. This posture can help to change the curvature of the spine and legs so that the old people who feel less sleep can sleep more practically.

Low back pain: Should sleep on the side, this can completely relax the muscles, avoid the muscle tension, stimulate or oppress the nerves, it will causing or aggravating the low back pain.

Diabetes or drunkenness: Suitable for supine, that is easy to spread your hands and feet. But don’t huddle your body, otherwise, it will cause nerve paralysis.

The maternal: Pregnant women should be placed on the left side, do not supine, it can relieve the uterus of the pregnancy to the large blood vessels in front of the spine; the best prone position after childbirth so that the lochia is discharged as soon as possible.

The obesity: Taking a lateral position facilitates breathing and venous return.

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6 kinds of sleep posture responses different personality

Chris Izhevsk, the doctor of the UK Sleep Assessment and Counseling Service, conducted a questionnaire survey to outline six sleep postures and found that each posture corresponds to a personality type. At the same time, the sleeping position can also reflect the mood, emotions, psychological defenses and so on.

1. The type of fetal sleeping position

This kind of person who collapses into a fetal posture in the mother's body is just soft inside and has a sensitive heart under a strong appearance. They may be shy when they first meet someone else, but they can relax soon. The arched back constitutes strong self-protection, and when people are suffering from painful setbacks, this sleeping position is the most comfortable for people to experience.

2.The type of tree trunk sleeping position

That is the body leans to one side, and the arms stretch downwards and stick to the body. Most of them are cheerful and love to interact with others. In many cases, they show leadership and appeal. But they are easy to believe in others, too naive. This kind of sleeping position is a reflection of the state of mind and leisure and is satisfied with the life work or learning state in recent times.

3.The type of thoughtful type of sleeping position

The body leans to one side and the hands stretch outwards to form a right angle with the body. They like to interact with people, extroverted, and easy to integrate into the collective. However, people who use this sleeping position are more suspicious, sometimes even a bit extreme and cynical, and it is difficult to accept different opinions. A missed sleeping position is a reflection of the cold war or escaping problems.

4.The type of soldier-style sleeping position

Lying flat on your back, your hands are close to your sides. People who like to sleep like this are generally introverted and conservative. Will strictly adhere to strict standards, and will not consciously demand others for a long time.

5. The type of starfish sleeping position

The body is lying flat, the arms are slightly raised, and these people are very helpful. They are good listeners, generous to people, and have many friends, but they don't like to be the focus.

6.The free-fall type sleeping position

Prone on the bed, hands on the pillow, face to one side. Such people are nervous and generally more active. They often act recklessly because of a lack of foresight. Their criticism of others cannot be accepted with humility.

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