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The development of mattress

The history of people's use of beds and mattresses is very long. The history of mattresses is a civilization of comprehensive innovation and transformation of human beings to improve sleep quality and experience. As early as ancient times, primitive people began to build beds made of wood or SLATE. In ancient Egypt around 4000 BC, the bed was well developed, not only with a timber frame but also with a thick mattress and mattress on the top. Early luxury bedding, which appeared about 2, 000 years ago, was often decorated with gold, silver or copper, and its mattresses were filled with reeds, hay, wool and feathers. By the 15th century, western mattresses were made of pea shells and sometimes feathers, filled with coarse particles, and covered with ornate velvet, brocade, and silk. By the 16th and 17th centuries, mattresses were filled with straw and fluff in a mesh of ropes and covered with fabric.

In the late 18th century, cast-iron beds and cotton mattresses were appeared, which made it difficult for insects or parasites to inhabit and breed in mattresses and made sleeping spaces warmer and more sanitary.

The modern sleep on real sense is born with spring mattress mark. In 1865, the world's first spring mattress came out, which opens a new chapter in the history of modern mattresses. Since then, with the development of mattress technology, the types of mattress continue to get out of the old and bring forth the new, the quality of human sleep has been constantly improved, driving the rapid development of the entire mattress industry.

Globally, the United States is the country with the earliest development and the highest maturity of the mattress industry, which with a history of more than 100 years. From the earliest simple spring mattress and independent bag spring mattress to the latex mattress and memory sponge mattress developed in recent 20 years, the ergonomic design and technology content has been gradually improved, which has greatly satisfied people's diverse healthy sleep needs and improved sleep quality and feelings.

An innerspring mattress used to provide support by the spreading cotton or other material mattresses at the outside of the mattress. Its advantage is breathable and retainer is better, but not durable, easy to deformation and subsidence.

As early as the spring mattress is given priority to with link-type spring, spring coils of wire diameter coarser, fixed connected by steel wire, high hardness, sleep feeling hard real-time, supportive, but had less elastic, easy to get sucked, if used to sleep for a long time in a fixed position or sitting on the bed and the four corners, or without turning mattress on a regular basis, easy to cause depression and elastic fatigue.

With the progress of technology, spring mattresses were developed into bagged independent tube spring mattresses, linear upright spring mattresses, bagged linear whole spring mattresses and other types, to make the mattress more fit to the human spine, reduce mutual interference between springs, and bring more comfortable experience to people.

The latex mattress is a modern green mattress, which is popular in Europe. Dunlop is a world-renowned manufacturer of latex mattresses. The latex mattress is made of rubber tree juice through moulding, foaming, gel, vulcanization, washing, drying, moulding and packaging. Main advantage: no noise, no vibration, the area of the mattress which contact human body was more higher than the ordinary mattress has, which can average dispersion of the human body weight bearing, with the correction of bad sleeping position function, and more efficacy of sterilization. But the disadvantage of the latex mattress is the lack of air permeability, and the price of the current market is higher, which ranging from 10,000 to 30,000.

The air mattress was a easy inflatable mattress in the initial, the benefit of it was easy to carry out, but after the innovation and improvement, the modern air mattress with adjustable air support sleep system comes from the supporting force required by adjusting mattresses, among which rt and other companies in the United States are represented, mattresses are more personalized and scientific.

The memory foam is a slow rebound sponge mechanical properties of polyether type of polyurethane foam sponge, special sponge, initially taken by NASA's Ames research centre in order to alleviate the astronauts in the spacecraft bear enormous pressure in the course of cosmic acceleration and designed, and then the Ames research centre authorized Teur - disc (s&p) development is introduced into civil category, the first is applied to the medicine, then into the household memory foam mattresses usually have pressure, can be changed by user weight size shape, and providing the most appropriate support for the user.

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