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What mattress is strong for me?

Everyone's physical condition is different, then we will have a different sense of sleep on the bottom of the bed.

Depending on your comfort and support needs, the robustness of your mattress is entirely personal – no correct or wrong firmness. However, if you have so many choices, you may find it difficult to determine the level of firmness that is right for you!

So to help you find the perfect mattress ruggedness, we assign a level of firmness to all mattresses based on our decades of experience and manufacturer's description.

Those who like to sleep on super soft surfaces. Just like sleeping in the clouds.
This type of mattress may be more suitable for those who are lighter or lighter, and those who have no back problems.

2.Soft to medium
Those who want a softer surface but a softer support than a soft mattress. There is a certain degree of support.
This type of mattress may be more suitable for those with lighter frames and those without back problems.

The medium hardness rating is the most popular choice for our customers because it can accommodate most body types.
This type of mattress may be the best compromise for any couple, and they may find it difficult to make a decision between a soft and sturdy mattress.
Medium mattresses may also benefit people with back pain.
*In medium,we have two mattresses,view our medium mattress:

4.Medium to Firm
This firmness rating is perfect for those who prefer a firmer sleep surface than a medium mattress.
Again, this type of mattress could be the best compromise for any couple who may find it difficult to agree between medium and firmer feel.
*In medium to firm,we have a mattress,view our medium mattress:

Firmer feel mattresses are ideal for those who prefer a more solid, supportive surface.
A firmer feel mattress may be recommended for those with back problems.
However, it is important to remember that you should choose a mattress based on your own unique comfort and support needs.
Remember that the perfect mattress is not the same for people with back pain.

6.Extra Firm
An extra firm rating mattress may be beneficial for those with very bad back problems, although of course, it is important to choose firmness based on individual preferences. This might not be suitable for those with a slender build.

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