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Why Choose A Compressed Packing Mattress?

Mattress handling has always been a headache. Generally speaking, ordinary mattress handling requires many issues. Because the size of the mattress is relatively large, the transportation cost will also be relatively high. When the order is placed, whether the cost is directly paid by the consumer or borne by the merchant, in fact, the consumer is ultimately responsible for the cost. In the process of handling, the open mattress needs to be kept careful by the transporter, just as the unrolled mattress is easily deformed if it is bent or folded. It is also not easy to put heavy objects on the mattress during the transportation process, and it is easy to collapse the mattress, so the buyer who buys the mattress will damage the mattress before using it. 

The unfolded mattress is also prone to friction during the transportation process, and even the packaging on the surface of the mattress is damaged due to the transportation in a narrow space, the material on the surface of the mattress is abraded, and the use of the mattress is affected. In addition, unrolled mattresses usually need more than one person to carry, and several people need to be able to smoothly put the bed into the bedroom.

What are the benefits of choosing a compressed packing mattress?First of all, the compressed mattress is placed in a cardboard box, which is relatively small, so the transportation cost will be lower, so that the merchant will put more costs on the mattress itself rather than paying the transportation company. Secondly, the vacuum compression of the mattress placed in the carton can reduce wear during the lifting process, and will not damage the surface material of the mattress, ensuring that the mattress maintains a good appearance during transportation. And no additional attention is needed during the transportation process, just as a vacuum-compressed mattress will not be bent or deformed by external forces during the transportation process. 

The vacuum-compressed HomyLink mattress is very small, and the buyer can easily move the mattress upstairs after receiving the mattress, even in a loft house, a relatively small space staircase or an elevator, and the mattress boxes could be transported. It will not be an obstacle in the transportation process. In addition, the box containing the mattress is usually easily carried by an adult, which means that the buyer does not need to ask more people to help carry it, thereby reducing the costs caused by the handling or the trouble of asking for help . It is worth mentioning that in addition to the vacuum compression mattress, the trouble caused during transportation is reduced, and the space structure of the mattress is not changed by the vacuum compression packaging. 

When we buy a vacuum-compressed mattress, such as a HomyLink pocket sprung mattress, we can easily carry it. Just open the mattress packaging and leave the mattress for a while, and the mattress will return to normal appearance and normal inter structure.

In general, choosing a vacuum compression mattress is like choosing a HomyLink mattress. It is a simple and relaxed lifestyle,also a better way to enjoy sleep.

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