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UK Merchants Program

We support businesses from all over the UK and look forward to all businesses helping us to make this a comfortable sleep environment place for many people. 

As a mattress manufacturer, HomyLink has sold more than 10,000 mattresses continuously on Amazon platform. Deliver a quality sleep experience to UK users every night. After ten million nights of sleep experience, there is no doubt that each HomyLink mattress can give you the most stringent standards of sleep enjoyment.

Join conditions:

1. A natural person or an enterprise legal person capable of independently bearing civil liabilities. 

2. Relevant business experience is preferred. 

3. Having high moral quality and dedication to the social health cause. 

4. Strong entrepreneurial spirit. 

5. Can agree with the company's business philosophy and model. 

6. Having a certain economic foundation. 

7. Able to comply with the company's business and management policies and maintain the company and brand image. 

8. Having a strong desire for knowledge and investment in the industry and having a good reputation.

HomyLink Advantage

British local warehouse, with a huge logistics storage security. Support warehouse pickup.

Logistics and distribution guarantee: HomyLink mattress has a logistics and distribution service center in the UK, covering all parts of the UK, greatly saving distributors' logistics operating costs and ensuring fast, safe and timely arrival of products.

Marketing guidance and guarantee: for different distribution agents, provide corresponding business strategies, formulate marketing plans, provide one-to-one and intimate butler services, avoid business risks, quickly enter the market, seize sales opportunities, direct terminal profits. Provide on-site guidance service during startup period to quickly start the market.

After-sales service guarantee: the headquarters provides fast and assured after-sales service.

Product quality assurance: excellent product quality, safe and reliable. Manufacturer direct sale, remove intermediate circulation link, let price one step in place, and for the distribution agents to provide more than imagined profit space.

How To Join:

1. Submit applications online and contact customer service. 

2. Submit materials for review.

3. Passed the examination and entered the merchants successfully.


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