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A right mattress for you

Do you have a good sleep at night? After sleep will you feel your neck pain or even the back pain? In the whole life of one people, we will spend one third to sleep on the bed, but many people have a poor sleep quality, and have a lot of people want a good sleep and change many mattresses for themself.

But we haven’t a uniform standard for sleep, and everyone has a different experience of sleep, so you should choose a fitted mattress too sleep in, but different has a different need for the mattress, so HomyLink wants to tell you something about the mattress.

Memory foam mattress

The memory foam is sensitive to the temperature and it will change their soft and firm according the temperature of the human body, and that can accurate crate the body contouring whit the memory foam, bring the non-pressure of the fitted, at the same time it can provide the effective support for the body, when you lying on the mattress, you will feel that was wrapped in a mattress, and the noise is low. 

That could make your sleep more secure. And it can help the pregnant and the elderly to relieve and dispersion the pressure of the back and waist, that can improve their sleep quality. And can help the growing children to shape their right posture and posture.

The memory foam is suitable for 4 seasons, and also suitable for various bedding , like the wool cushion. We suggest you to spread a wool blanket, that will make your winter more warmer.

Because of the structure of the memory foam is the open cell structure, it can effectively suppress the appearance of bacteria and mites. The ventilation system is pretty good, and there is no sweltering feeling when sleeping on it, you will feel very comfortable in the hot summer.

The pocket sprung mattress

The pocket sprung mattress is the primary material of the mattress, and the advantage of the pocket sprung mattress is that the choice of softness and hardness is extensive, and there are some pocket sprung mattress was softer than other, it will get stuck of the mattress, and it also has the firmer pocket sprung mattress. 

And even have many mattress businesses will make it soft and hard at the same time to meet the needs of different periods with a different brand and different level of the price, that the customer can have a different choice. But the pocket sprung mattress is composed of several springs connected and arranged, independently supported, can be individually retracted, and has relatively low interference resistance.

How to choose a right mattress for yourself?

1. Have a carefully look of the mattress. Look at the exterior of the mattress and make sure the thick of the mattress whether uniform and an even surface, a line marks. At the same time, you should make sure the mattress whether to have a Certificate of conformity.

2. Test the mattress by your hand. At first, you should test the diagonal pressure of the mattress then you should (a quality mattress requires symmetrical pressure balance and diagonal symmetry), then you should press the mattress surface evenly, the filling is evenly distributed. The mattress with balanced resilience is of good quality. It is the best that consumers can lie down and feel it for themselves.

3. Listen is the measure that you could test the quality of the spring of the mattress; the qualified sprung have a good respond of the under you flip the mattress. And it will make a good sound after you flap the mattress. The rusty and poor-quality springs have reduced elasticity, and they often make noise with “creak, creak” which sound under compression.

4. Smell the mattress. You could go through it to judge the mattress that the mattress whether have a chemically pungent odour, and the smell of a right mattress should have the natural fresh smell of the textiles. 

The last tips for you were that you should not buy your mattress at the shop when you feel tired because you will feel better when you lie on your mattress if you are tired.

Choose the HomyLink mattress will take you a wonderful sleep trip for your night.

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