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What's your best Christmas gift?

The Christmas carnival is coming soon! That will be a Christmas Eve and have you already get a mental picture in your mind that they are unwrapping their present with happiness now? But, have you decided what to give them on this happy day to make what kind of surprise? Have you still agonizing over Xmas gift? Skincare products, cosmetics, scarves... With the highest annual gift-giving rates, should you consider to give a different gift to your family member or your lover?

Have you ever thought about giving a Homylink mattress as a Christmas present for your family member or your lover? 

If life is a practice, having a good sleep is a necessary rest for you. All the sour, sweet, bitter and spicy experience in your life will be good, physical and mental fatigue and weary, have a good sleep will be better for yourself.

Because of the sleeping position of a lot of people is incorrect now, that brought a lot of physiology to go up painful, and it makes the people cannot get a good sleep at night, that cause the mental state of the next day is in extreme exhaustion condition, as time passes that can destroy the people's body health.

The Homylink mattress can help people correct their sleeping position. Now we will talk about the important of the sleep position and the correct way of the sleeping.

For the people who with the bad spinal column, if they take a long-term laying the particular stress on the same side sleep, the spinal column can be curved gradually side, the light person will feeling stiff and unwell of their hind lumbar back, that need to get up and do some activity, after that they will restore normal. But the serious person will make the original condition become a further aggravation.

The people sleep in the side and keep their head, cervical and thoracic parallel to the bed surface. And the height of the pillow must be higher than the hight when you lie on your back, this is because the distance of the shoulder width ( when the side shoulder peak) to the sides than on bed surface to neck curve peak distance, the shoulder-width is less than the man who often exercises or obese exercise and thin have obvious difference.

And the human cervical vertebra has its natural physiological curvature, the corrected sleep position can maintain the physiological curvature of the cervical vertebra, to avoid changing or aggravating cervical spondylosis, such as sleeping on the back and side, and pad a suitable pillow for sleeping.

If you are suffering from scoliosis which sleeps position should you sleep in? Many people love the side sleep, especially sleep on right side, they think to sleep in the right side will not oppression the heart, this is the right and healthy position, but for the people who with a bad spine, if they sleep on the side for a long term, that will make the original symptoms get worse. So which position of sleep is a benefit for health?

The most benefit sleep position for the health is mainly getting lie on your back, the minor is sleep on the side, and you should change your sleep position on the right and left when you lie on the side, the left and right knee joints are slightly bent.

Choosing the Homylink mattress will correct your sleep position when you fall asleep in the deep night, so you can giving a big surprise for your father and mother or your lover. Change a good and comfortable mattress for them and make them become more health, we think it will be the best Xmas for them.

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