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HomyLink Small Double Orthopedic Mattress, Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Stress Reduction Noise Reduction, Breathable Fabric Cover, (4FT-120*190 cm), 28cm Height-PINE

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HomyLink Small Double Orthopedic Mattress, Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Stress Reduction Noise Reduction, Breathable Fabric Cover, (4FT-120*190 cm), 28cm Height-PINE



  • PINE small double mattress with gel grain to help prevent overheating, redirect heat to maintain an optimal temperature. Cooling gel memory foam with the right amount of firmness, your body will not sink down, where you get the most comfort and support.

  • PINE gel memory foam mattress the wave-type high-density foam has good resilience, is ergonomic, absorbs sweat and is breathable. When you sleep with your lover, the body is like being propelled by waves, reducing pressure step by step.

  • PINE pocket spring mattress limits bounce and absorbs motion disturbance between partners, because each spring in this mattress is individually packaged, so when your partner turns over or gets up, you can enjoy a peaceful night on this mattress.

  • PINE cooling gel mattress divided into 9 zones, head and neck, shoulders, back, lumbar spine, pelvis, thighs, knees, calves, ankles. It provides excellent customised support for your skeletal system and perfectly balances all parts of your body to give you a more comfortable, deeper sleep.

  • PINE this 4FT (120*190cm) foam mattress is ideal for school dormitories or children's beds. There is a medium firmness level to suit all body types. Because it has memory foam in it, it is also ideal for users with back pain, while the cooling gel draws in heat emitted by the body to prevent overheating, giving you a comfortable night's sleep.

  • PINE orthopedic mattress is vacuum compressed sealed and neatly rolled up in a box for shipping, allowing it to easily be delivered to your door and expand to its full lofty shape inside your home. This box spring bed will spring back to its original size within 1-2 days of opening the box. (Please note: Please take a few minutes to read the presentation booklet before unpacking the new mattress, allow up to 72 hours for the bed mattress to fully expand and for any potential odors to dissipate).

  • After receiving your order, we will confirm the order information within 24 hours and deliver your PINE mattress within 5-7 working days.

  • If you have any questions about your PINE mattress, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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  • Detail
  • Waranty

Technical Specifications

Product dimensions

190L x 120W x 28T centimetres

Comfort layer material

Cooling gel+Memory foam

Coil type

Pocketed Coil

Item firmness description


Internal settings

Pocket Sprung + Memory Foam

Item weight

27.2 Kilograms



If you're the kind of sleeper who likes that extra bounce then a pocket sprung mattress is perfect for you. 

Pocket spring mattresses are constructed using individual pocket springs which respond and contour to your body shape, offering maximum support and comfort.

Homylink mattress


Temperature Control. The cool gel factor combined with the open-structure high-elastic memory foam, disperses heat from your body while relieve the pressure, adjusts the sleep temperature overnight to achieve a cool fresh summer or a fluffy warm winter.

Gel technology combines scientifically-distributed pocket spring technology and high-quality 3D breathable fiber fabric, creates an antibacterial, anti-mite, moisture-proof, pressure-release pocket spring mattress. Make the summer cool and fresh, the winter warm and not dry.

The independent barrel-type spring offers good support to spinal, 7-zones orthopaedic ergonomic design provides uniform support for your head, shoulders, waist, hips and legs, keeps the spine balanced, helps adjust and correct your sleep posture, relieves muscle tension, reduces back pain. The design of pocket greatly adapts and supports each unique body, provides exercise separation, absorbs motion from your partner, allows you to sleep well all night.


Homylink is always committed to giving you a good night's sleep. We do not want the damaged mattress to affect your sleep quality.

However, if this happened, we will be more than happy to help talk you through the next steps to get your a great night’s sleep back.

Any claims under the 100 days guarantee must be made within 100 days from the date of delivery.

100 DAYS

100-Day Warranty At Homylink. We stand behind our products and provide a 100-day warranty on our mattresses. 

In each case, the warranty begins on the date of purchase ("Warranty"). Please retain a copy of “Return Registration Card” as proof of purchase.


*Please contact us as soon as possible after completing the form, and attach evidence of the defect as well, whether it is via Amazon or Email. 

* You may be required to provide us with proof of purchase and evidence of the defect. You may also be required to return the defective Product to us (but, provided the defect is indeed covered by the warranty, we will reimburse any returns costs you incur).

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Hanife Hynes
Lovely mattress

Lovely mattress this will last me for years money worth spend thank you

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