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Choosing a good mattress in Black Friday

The Black Friday is coming soon, have you still worry about what should you buy in your Black Friday? We have a good suggestion for you, buy a HomyLInk mattress and HomyLink will give you a good sleep every night, a good sleep and build your healthy body, the healthy is the biggest gift for everyone at their whole life.

If you want a comfortable sleep, it is not just about choosing a mattress with the right hardness. 

Most people are either asleep or on their way to sleep all year round, it was winter soon, they will feeling tired at the day and want to sleep, one of your body or your soul will on their bed. Let’s take a look at this set of data, if a person counts an average of 8 hours of sleep per day, one-third of the day is spent in bed, if someone can live to 70 years old that she will spend 21 years on the bed. So you can see how important that a mattress has. Whether you will sleep in a comfortable, it has to do with the quality of life, and it was about life quality.

The advantage of the mattress

Whether your bed is comfortable enough, it was determined by the mattress.An inferior mattress will take you the experience of that: 

1. The poor wrapping and the poor comfortable, that makes you're difficult to fall asleep. 

2. The poor supporting which make you tired to sleep, and have a pain in your back and waist. 

3. The poor air permeability, easy to be affected by damp and mold, bacterial mites breeding, causing itching of your skin. 

4. The spring is linkage, the sound of the squeeze is loud when you turn over yourself or get up at night that will influence the sleep of your sleep partner. 

5. Feeling the poor material, and the glue is too many using in the mattress, the excessive formaldehyde content.

As for the good mattress:

1.The fitted: a good mattress will give you an excellent feel of the parcel, the mattress is more fitted to the body and make you feel comfortable, which can make you fall asleep in a short time. 

2. The supportive: it was the hardness of a mattress, this is the most important of the mattress, it was related to our spine health, the mattress is not fitted to us if it was too hard or too soft. 

The best state was that the spine is the same as you stand, which is presenting a natural S-shaped curve.Sleep in the hard mattress, the hanging waist will make your body lack complete relaxation, the shoulder and hips will afford more pressure, so that will make you have a pain of your back and waist. 

And if you sleep on the soft bed, the support of your mattress was too weak to support your body, so your body will sink, that will make your spine in a deformed state. That will make your spine deformation if you sleep on the softer mattress for a long time. The moderately soft mattress will give your body the most supported. 

This is very important for human sleep, so HomyLink mattress makes a long term to do for the health of the spine. HomyLink continuously applies the latest achievements in spine health to the development of mattress products. 

3.The breathability of mattress: this is determined by the material of the mattress, if you choose the material that does a good job in breathability, kind for the skin and the antibacterial inhibition of aphids, which HomyLink mattress can satisfy in it will better for you. 

 4. Anti-interference: a good mattress can help you avoid the influence of your turn over, or get up at night, beside the place you lay down, the other place will not be moving. That will not influence your partner to have a sleep, this is the performance of the mattress have anti-interference. 

The mattress with good anti-interference are more common in independent pocket sprung mattress. Each of the pocket sprung was good support of the mattress, have not disturbed each sleeper. They will provide the best support for the sleeper according to the body of the sleepers, and the sprung will maximum interference with surrounding areas. 

HomyLink has a pocket sprung mattress. On Black Friday, HomyLink gives the most powerful discount price for the whole year, you can get the most better pocket sprung mattress for yourself, do not miss this opportunity. 

5.Formaldehyde content is up to standard: To ensure that the formaldehyde is up to standard, HomyLink is more elaborate on the materials used, the rubber is also more restrained, and most of them have formaldehyde detection reports to ensure that the sleep is comfortable and the use is more secure.

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