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Our Story

“A simple link brings you a homy comfort”

As a high-quality sleeping is an essential foundation for energetic daytime. 

It's easy to find out if a person is full of energy & alive or tired. 

However, many people may wonder “why it’s so hard to fall asleep and sleep tight?”

Maybe we should not ignore the fact that sleep quality is closely related to mattresses.

Contrary to the conventional opinion which is the thicker the mattress, the better.Actually a mattress should be not too soft or hard but moderate.Otherwise the shoulder and arm would be impacted, physical pain may follow as well. 

If the mattress is too hard, the waist and back could not be support balanced, the spine can not maintain a normal curve, shoulders and hips will be squeezed. 

If the quality of the mattress is not reliable, the spring maybe deform.

Sleeping on a mattress like this, who’s spine may face a lot of pressure, blood circulation may be affected, thus may be conducted to tired all day or even illness.

Dedication to create "Precise, Delicate, Extreme"

Keep working on each detail and focus on each procedure. Perceive with your own heart and carve the details with your hand. 

We never lower the standard of details for the sake of the magnificent appearance and fine quality of product. 

Whether it is the smooth sewing, or the flat connecting point, there are conscientious work of HomyLink hidden under tiny details.

All perfect works would not show up easily. 

Only with the perseverance of the creator and under competitive trial can the product exceed limitation into infinity.

Many people are focusing on air, water, food, and security. 

While people are amazed at the pleasant way of life, the worry about trust, security and health oppresses them.

The traditional leather preserves the natural characteristic of raw material. 

Even it is the hardware from modem industry, it totally use the harmless polishing technique to process. 

This manifest our strict environmental avocation.


Our mattress selection has all been sourced and selected to ensure our products are of the highest quality.


We provide free delivery and free returns on all our products within continental United Kingdom.


An Express-Parcel will reach its destination before 1-2 on a working day.

What kind of mattress should we choose? 

HomyLink offers four different types of mattress for people who have different individual needs.

How does HomyLink make efforts for customers? 

Providing 100 days of sleep trial as we are committed to building truly satisfying customer experience. 

 You could ask for refund services if the HomyLink mattress is not suitable after 100 days trial.

How does HomyLink mattress helps promote sleep quality? 

While receiving the pressure of your body at the same time it’s memory cotton offers you a gentle touch as it is spring and memory cotton mixed.

HomyLink believes that a comfortable sleeping environment should not be bear a heavy price.


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