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Founded in 2016, HomyLink has been devoting the brand to create the perfect working and living conditions of all. At HomyLink, we will help you explore the finest living experience and deliver efficient customer service.

Today, we are very happy to share our passion for work and life. Because each man is the architect of his own happiness. We have different views on the longing for life, but we share a common love.

 We should learn how to face failure or misfortune bravely and generously and to try to deal with it. If so, should we complain about our life or work and become frustrated and disappointed ever since then or should we be grateful for our life, rise again ourselves after a fall? William Thackeray, a famous British writer, said, “Life is a mirror. When you smile in front of it, it will also”

 And Homylink is committed to finding the balance between life and work. 

HomyLink - Dedication to create 'Precise,Delicate,Extreme'

Keep working on each detail and focus on each procedure. Perceive with your own heart and carve the details with your hand. We never lower the standard of details for the sake of the magnificent appearance and fine quality of product. Whether it is the smooth sewing, or the flat connecting point, there are conscientious work of HomyLink hidden under tiny details.

All perfect works would not show up easily. Only with the perseverance of the creator and under competitive trial can the product exceed limitation into infinity.

Many people are focusing on air, water, food, and security. While people are amazed at the pleasant way of life, the worry about trust, security and health oppresses them.

The traditional leather preserves the natural characteristic of raw material. Even it is the hardware from modem industry, it totally use the harmless polishing technique to process. This manifest our strict environmental avocation.