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Massage Wave Foam

Excellent shock-absorption and High resilience with massage wave shape, promote the blood circulation in good condition, fully relax your muscles and release the body stress, keep your spine balanced and positive, help adjust and correct your sleeping posture to greatly improve your sleeping quality.

Pocket Sprung Mattress

High quality pocket spring, which considered being the best coil support system working to evenly distribute your weight while aligning all parts of your body, can effectively absorb the noise and vibration caused by tossing and turning when sleeping.Pocket spring mattresses are constructed using individual pocket springs which respond and contour to your body shape, offering maximum support and comfort.

Orthopaedic Design

Orthopedic mattress has the function of body orthosis. It is designed according to ergonomic principles which distributes the pressure of the human body according to the various parts of the human spine, fully conforms to the curve and movement of the human body, automatically adjusts the bad sleeping position, relaxes the spine and restores the cervical vertebrae.


GILIA Breathable Knitting Fabric Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattresses

GILIA mattress combines pocketed coils and high-quality foam for cool comfort and endless support. Good for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, those that change position, and couples with different sleeping styles.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Exclusive Deluxe Mattress:

100% Comfortable and 3D Breathable fabric of natural ecological fibers, completely environmentally and friendly. Anti-biosis, Anti-odorization, Anti-allergy, Anti-mites. Expel the steamy sweat from the contact surface between you and mattress so to keep the body comfortable and dry when sleeping. (Fire-Safety, standard UK fire-retardant treatment.)

Vacuum Roll Packed:

The mattress has been vacuum compressed sealed and neatly rolled in a box. The mattress can be spring back to the original size within 1-2days after unpacking. (Please note: Please take just a few minutes of your time to read the Introduction Booklet before unpacking.)

Quality Assurance:

HomyLink Research and develop day and night to design revolutionary products, to offer customers the best sleep.Every mattress is elaborately designed to offer comfort and support and pressure for the demand of all your families.

Hierarchical Structure Of Mattress