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100 Night Sleep Trial

Want to buy mattress in a breeze?

Feeling uncomfortable or awkward when you try buying a mattress on physical store with salesman staring at you? 

 That’s how most people would feel in a similar situation. 

What’s more, the salesman may ask you lying on a mattress just for a few minutes to testify what they so called comfort. 

 Try online shopping avoid the hassle, avoid the awkward showroom experience, and order the HomyLink mattress to open up a new sleep experience.

After 100 nights you would fall in love with HomyLink.

Every Homylink mattress provides a 100-night trial , as we hope to offer you enough time to test the comfort of a mattress. 

If you want to obtain an enjoyable sleep and need professional mattress selection advice, feel free to contact us through ,a friendly and professional service team is ready to help at any time.

Why 100 nights trail?

1, According to research data, most people take about 30 days to get used to a new mattress. We are confident that you will get used to our mattress after 30 days. 

2, If you still feel unsuitable after trying for 30 days, please contact us before the 100-day trial period ends, don't worry we will arrange the mattress to be recycled.

How simple it is to buy a HomyLink mattress?

1, Click with your finger and the order will be completed.Your HomyLink order will be efficiently processed by the customer service team and shipped within 24 hours. 

2, A HomyLink mattress that send to you from British warehouse must have undergone rigorous testing as we sincerely want to offer you a whole new premium sleeping experience.


1. How can I participate in a 100-night trial sleep schedule?

Homylink's 100-night trial meter is open to every British guest who has ordered a mattress from Homylink. We are committed to passing the test plan so that every guest who comes to homylink can feel a sincere warmth and make sleep no longer a problem.

2. Do I need to keep the packing of the mattress?

Please note that we take a vacuum compression packaging method, once opened is unable to restore the original look. It requires a professional machine to roll our mattresses into a box precisely. Please pay attention to the cleanness and tidiness of the mattress when recycling, we will need your mattress photo if necessary.

3. How do payment and refund work?

Our trials are like our mattresses: designed for everyone. When you place an order, we will collect or arrange payment in the way you choose. In case you choose to request a return, you will receive a full refund. 

When the mattress is returned to us, the refund will be processed through the original payment method. For full advance payment, this usually takes 3-5 working days. If you choose to finance, we will cancel your agreement and all instalments paid up to this point will be refunded within 10 working days.

4. How can I return my Homylink mattress during the trial period?

If you would like to return your Homylink mattress, please contact us ( or chat online. You will receive our reply as soon as possible, and the refund will be returned within 7 working days.