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Do you want a free new mattress?

Hey HomyLink fans,We have prepared some special things for you. 

This is what you have been waiting for......

The mattress is tested here!The pocket spring mattress is made of a separate pocket spring. 

Each pocket spring is enclosed in its own fabric pocket. 

Each spring operates independently of each other, reacting only to the pressure applied to the area. 

This brings a higher level of personalized support and response to everyone sleeping on the mattress. 

No movement shift, consistent, whole body support, decompression... more and more benefits. 

We can't deny that independent springs help sleep, so why not try? 

To have the opportunity to test HomyLink Mattress yourself, share this event on your social media and leave a screenshot of your comment plan and share page in the comments below. 

We will select 1 user per week and they will create the best test plan to win the free HomyLink mattress. 

We want to see your creativity shine in your comments, so use your imagination to make your plan stand out! 

If you have done high quality reviews in the past, or if you are an influencer, please let us know so that we can take your experience into consideration. 

In addition, we have a coupon to subscribe to our website. You can subscribe and get this £10 with your email address. 

Good luck!!


1. @ "Homylink"

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2. Fill out the form

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3. Waiting for notification!

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1. Follow " Homylink ". 

2. Fill in the following form (need wait 1-2 seconds) and complete the task sent by the staff (very easy). 

3.This event will begin in March. Testers will be announced in the community. One tester will be selected each week. 

4. Open only to UK residents. 

5. Review requirements: After receiving the product, you need to share this activity within two weeks. Leave a comment on the Mattress you have received on your social media. You may not need to comment on the specific website. But finally, please @Homylink, let us know that. 

6. Where to share your comment: You don't need to post comments to a specific website, but you can do it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), YouTube, community, blog, trading website or other online space. 

7. HomyLink reserves the right of final interpretation.

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