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Choosing the best mattress type

Both of us know that there have many different kinds of mattress types, and different people love a different kind of mattress, too. So that we would like to introduce a different type of mattress to you to let you know more about the mattress kind.

Traditional spring mattress 

A traditional spring mattress consists of a series of connected springs with a wire rod at the edge to provide additional support. Because the springs are connected, the system provides excellent support throughout the sleeping area. They offer the services of excellent quality and reasonable price and offer a variety of comfort levels from orthotics to softer grades. Most of the support comes from metal coils that pass through the width of the mattress.

Pocket sprung mattress 

The pocket sprung mattress is the humanized design of the high - grade mattress. The pocket sprung is means that, it is after pressing each independent body spring to fill the bag with non-woven cloth, and then connect to arrange, and then glued together is a bed net. Bed net surface generally sticky sponge layer, so that each bag of sprung can be evenly stressed, when using the feeling will be more comfortable.

The features of the pocket sprung mattress.

1. The strong independence: because of each spring is a separate operation, have independent support, which can stretch. So when lying on the top of the two people have a turnover or leave, the other will not be affected, they could ensure the sleep is safe and comfortable.

2. According to the design of the human body: in strict accordance with the ergonomic principle of the design of the three independent partition spring, more can be following the human body's curve and weight and flexible expansion. Evenly supporting every part of the human body, keeping the spine naturally straight, make the muscles get enough relaxation, reduce the number of sleep turn over.

Combination mattress

There are many types of combination mattresses, including the mattresses that combine springs with luxurious layers of memory foam, latex, or gel. This special design of the mattress provides comfort through the responsiveness of the pocket or open spring and the additional layer of support.

A combination mattress can have both combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative mattress technology from leading manufacturers. They offer traditional spring support and comfort, with the added benefit of a stress-relieving top layer, providing optimal overnight relaxation and helping you get the best night's rest.

Advanced mattress

Advanced mattresses favour unique materials such as latex, gel or memory foam over traditional springs. The superior mattress is moulded according to your body profile to distribute the weight evenly throughout the mattress, providing optimal support and relief for pressure points. The development of these mattresses helps maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the night.

Memory foam mattress

The memory foam mattress is made by memory foam as material from a mattress; its material is also called slow recovery elastic space material is a trendy mattress material in the sleep bed industry. It has the characteristics of decompression, slow rebound, temperature sensitivity, breathability, anti-bacterial and anti-mite, which could prolong deep sleep time and improve sleep quality.

HomyLink mattress 

A perfect night's sleep could relieve the day's fatigue and soothes your mood, and it also could provide you with a refreshing mood on the second day. Homylink's mattress could satisfy your diverse needs while also providing you with the sleep sensation you want.

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