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Do you sweat when sleep on bed?

Do you have such circumstance to appear?

Sweating during sleep is medically known as night sweats. People with night sweats sweat abnormally when they fall asleep, but don't sweat when they wake up. What causes it?

Generally speaking, it can be divided into two reasons, one is physiological night sweats, and the other is pathological night sweats.


Physical night sweats

This kind of sleeping perspire is to happen more on child body, because child skin is very tender, the place contains moisture more, the capillary is rich, metabolism is exuberant while having the plant nerve that has not yet perfect to adjust a function, however.

Therefore, children tend to sweat when they are active. If they are active before sleep, their body's metabolism will be more active, leading to increased heat. When they are asleep, their sweat glands will secrete more sweat, which is conducive to heat dissipation.

In addition, if the child eats before sleeping, the gastric juice secretion will also become more, causing the corresponding increase of sweat gland secretion, so that the child will sweat a lot when sleeping, especially in the first two hours of sleep.

In addition, the human body in sleep, the indoor temperature is too high, the quilt is too thick, these environmental factors will cause physiological sleep sweating.


Pathological night sweats

After sleep, if the sweating time is more than midnight, it is generally caused by low blood calcium. Low calcium increases sympathetic excitability and increases the secretion of sweat glands, which is more common in patients with rickets.

If there is tuberculosis patients sleep sweating, often all night sweating, and accompanied by hyper redness, loss of appetite, mood swings, and other symptoms. Many diseases that affect the body's thermoregulatory centers and excite the sympathetic nervous system can trigger pathological sleep and sweating.



1. Keep it dry before you sleep

There are sleeping sweating phenomenon, should pay attention to changing clothes, and often take a shower, ready to wipe a soft cloth, or with some children's talcum powder, keep the skin dry, reduce the sweat on the skin stimulation. If you sweat. Don't blow directly to avoid catching a cold.


2. Lower the temperature

If the conditions at home allow, should be appropriate to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, especially for the Yin deficiency blood heat sleep sweating patients, the living environment should be cool can.


3. Notice your diet

In dietary respect, should according to oneself the reason that sleeps perspire suits a remedy to the case, fumble the dietary appropriate avoid the rule that suits oneself, make to oneself best dietotherapy recuperates the body. Resemble Yin empty blood is hot, the person with flourishing fire should want to avoid by all means do not eat acrid food, do not drink, can eat a few vegetables that can clear heat more, let sweat gland can have a stable foundation to restore.


4. Exercise

No matter when, appropriate physical exercise can make the body become healthy, so, strengthen physical exercise, develop a correct and regular habit of rest, work and rest so that sleep sweating body can have conditions to treat.


5. Calm down before bed

Physical night sweats are usually caused by exercising too much before going to bed, so be careful not to get too excited and keep quiet before going to bed, and don't eat too much before going to bed.

To pathologic perspire, should suit the remedy to the case, compensatory the nutrition that the body lacks, if be the cause such as tuberculosis, should go to a hospital to see a doctor immediately.



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