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Heavyweight have no good mattress?

Heavyweight, when you buy new bedding for your dreams, you may consider a lot of factors, especially the ability to withstand.

For heavyweights, there are different design requirements and functions for the mattress.

First of all, you have to understand whether you are overweight. People over 220 pounds are considered overweight. At the same time, it is surprising that many people are more than this number.

1. High fit:
When lying on the mattress, the soft cushion on the surface of the mattress should fully conform to the soft tissue of the body, and there should be no gaps. To provide the body with a very comfortable soft protection, disperse the body weight, reduce the body pressure, not because the mattress gives the body a sense of oppression, resulting in poor blood circulation, making it difficult to fall asleep. A good mattress should have a temperature control system, always keep the internal temperature of the mattress at 25 ° C, so that sleepers do not feel the back and cold.

2. Good support:
Traditional wooden bed or too hard brown mattress, due to its inability to conform to the body curve, insufficient support, can cause sleepers to have back pain symptoms. A soft and moderate spring mattress will be divided into seven sections to support each bone of the body according to the natural curve of the human spine, fully supporting the head, neck, shoulders, back, waist, buttocks. The calf keeps the body bones in a natural vertical state, relieving stress and reducing strain on the waist.

3. Environmental protection and health:
The inner filling of the mattress should be environmentally friendly, with antibacterial, anti-mite and breathable functions. The mattress fabric should be wear-resistant and have the function of preventing fire and flame retardant. Mattress fillings are divided into plant and animal types. Mattresses filled with wool, cashmere and camel are generally sold at a higher price.

4. Durable:
A good mattress, the spring must stand the test of time, quality and comfort for decades.

5. Cost-effective:
Not the most expensive is the best, the individual differences are obvious, you must buy the most suitable for you, do not buy the most expensive. Moreover, after-sales service must be guaranteed.

6. Side to side support:
The edge-to-edge support is another component of the mattress that is designed to allow heavyweights to sleep deeply. When sharing a mattress with a partner, the sturdy edge support will give you extra space.
A pocket-mounted independent spring mattress is more suitable. Each spring works independently and does not affect each other. No matter how you turn over, it does not affect your partner. Of course the quality of the spring is better!

7. The importance of temperature:
Many reports show that heavyweights are very prone to sweating while sleeping, and temperature is an important cause of their sleep. If your mattress doesn't have the ability to adjust the temperature, you won't get deep sleep. Because of the viscosity and sweat. You must remember that most foam mattresses are hotter than mixed mattresses or spring mattresses. However, different memory foam models have advanced cooling gel injection formulations, and the open-cell structural layer has solved this problem within a reasonable range.

At HomyLink, we also have mattresses that can serve heavyweights.
It is a thicker layer and has a certain guarantee on the thickness of the mattress.

The built-in independent spring also supports the weight well. Effective decomposition pressure to support the body from multiple areas.

Dust-proof, fireproof and waterproof fabric.

Double-layer memory foam, it doesn't look very heavy, but sturdy.



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