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HomyLink Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Marress

Pocket sprung mattress and memory foam mattress has been the very popular mattress during comsumers. Brand HomyLink have a mattress that is combine pocket sprung and memory foam together produce a mattress called Blacktree which have been sold over 10000 pieces on Amazon. Why does this mattress have so much glamour?This article will analyze the structure of this Blacktree mattress, so everyone could evaluate this mattress more scientifically and objectively.

This mattress has eight layers. The first layer is knitted fabric, a layer that comes into direct contact with human skin. The knitted fabric breathes well without accumulating heat or sweat, keeping people fresh all night on the mattress. The temperature which is just below the surface temperature of the skin, making people easier to fall into a deep sleep. Its decorative pattern is classic design, can match a lot of different household to decorate a style, let household space more elegant.

The second layer is the egg-shaped memory foam. The shape of the memory foam, which is about two centimeters, is below the knitting surface as its egg-shaped shape can create a vacuum in the space between the knitting surface and the recessed part, which is conducive to air emissions. Its raised parts distribute the pressure of each part of the body evenly, so that when the body sinks down, it feels both breathable and massage-like.The biggest feature of this layer of memory foam is that it can remember the sleeping position of the human body, and can return to the normal shape when the body leaves the mattress, so that every sleeping position of the human body can be corrected instead of sleeping in the same position.

The third layer is the highly elastic sponge layer, about 1.5 cm. It is located below the memory sponge layer and can provide elastic support for the upper layer, making the body feel elastic when lying instead of sinking.The fourth layer is a dense layer of sponge. This layer of sponge is sandwiched between the independent spring layer and the upper layer of sponge, so the use of a high-density sponge layer can provide a solid sense of support for the upper layer of human pressure.

The fifth and seventh layers are flat sponge boards. These two layers of sponge board can effectively prevent the movement of independent pocket spring. Between the two layers of sponge plate is a separate pocket spring layer. Independent bag spring refers to the independent bag spring mattress. After each spring is pressurized, separate bags are wrapped in non-woven bags, arranged in chains, and then glued together to form a bed net. The cotton layer of the bed net is generally glued, so that each bag of springs can be evenly filled, use will feel more comfortable. The rest is the usual spring-mattress process. The characteristics of the independent bag spring mattress are: 1, the independent bag type spring mattress because each spring body is independent operation, independent support, can be independently telescoping, so lying in one of the two people turn over or leave, the other will not be affected, can ensure a safe and comfortable sleep. 2. Each spring is wound with a strong wire into a "barrel" and then sealed in a tough fiber bag through the compression process to effectively prevent mold or moths and to avoid the vibration and noise caused by friction between the springs. The three - section separate independent spring is designed in strict accordance with ergonomic principles. It can bend flexibly according to the curve of human body and weight, support each part of the body evenly, keep spine natural straight, make muscle is loosened adequately, reduce the number of turn over when sleeping.

The eighth layer is non-textile fiber layer. This layer is the bottom layer of the whole mattress, which can provide wear-resistant function for the whole mattress. At the same time, this material also has the characteristic of fire prevention, which is also the core of the whole mattress's reassuring fire prevention function.

In the life, it has the function that prevents mite bug, dustproof, at the same time the structure is easy to do not collapse easily. The fireproof effect of the whole material that makes a person at ease also is the safety of household life much a safeguard. The 8 layers of materials are made of unique materials, which give consideration to elasticity, comfort and slight massage effect, and make an independent support to let the two people lying on the mattress to rest with geting enough rest but without disturbing each other's ideal sleep effect, only in order to create the most comfortable sleep mode of the whole. No wonder Blacktrees is a choice onn could buy without regret.

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