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How to make a pocket sprung mattress?

According to the structure of the pocket sprung mattress, the production process of the pocket sprung mattress was divided into the production of the spring core, adding the matting, quilting layer processing, and the final assembly this four process.

The pocket sprung mattress usual use the cylindrical coil sprung and use the cloth bag to pocket the sprung one by one, then sewed up the bag. The product of the pocket sprung mattress was required sewing spring core instead of wearing a spring. The other processes are the same as the connected sprung mattresses. 

The pocket sprung mattress usual making on the automatic production line, the production line was consists of a vertical automatic wire feeder and a dual-purpose spring machine, sprung external pressure treatment propulsion device, the ultrasonic suturing device, the conveyor, and the sprung reduction device. 

Through this product line, we can finish making the sprung, put the spring into the pocket, sewing the pocket and the hot dealing of the sprung. Finally, the independent bag is glued on the spring mattress glue machine. The sprung mattress glue machine is developed with an independent pocket sprung production machine. Buying the materials, coating, adhesive and blanking, at the same time, can form a complete high-quality mattress production line with the bagging machine. 

The bag sprung are neatly and tightly glued together to avoid the trouble pf pinning, and at the same time, it can solve the irrationality of the connecting method of the pin. Because of the pin connection will make the bag sprung buckle and can not play an independent role, that is not a true independent pocket sprung mattress. And if you use the soft glue to connect any sprung that will make each sprung arrange tightly and flexibly, and the mattress which product can be more scientifically, comfortably and not easy to deformed. 

The manufacturing process of a pocket sprung mattress quilting layer is as follows:

(1)The fabric quilting of pocket sprung mattress:

The quilted layer is composite fabric, the 2 to 5 layer was the makeup of the different materials, these materials are stitched together and stitched to give the fabric a pattern. The mattress usual has two quilted layers on the upper and lower surfaces, that was a convenience to double-sided use.

(2)The cutting of the mattress fabric:

The quilting was made up of two-part, and it was a connection with the mattress sprung core respectively, when you are cutting, you should set apart the remaining of the quilting and the surrounding edge sewing, The common method is to make the non-woven fabric larger than the fabric size when quilting. The long part of the non-woven fabric is connected and fastened with the surrounding steel to fix the quilting layer on the surrounding steel. Therefore, in the cutting of composite fabrics should be reserved out of the non-woven surplus. Additional, when both sides of the mattress use the package button when adornment, reserve even package button pulls the concave margin of tight fabrics.

(3)The inspection fabric:

Fabric inspection is mainly based on the micro-metal detection system, which is used to detect whether there are broken needles left in the fabric during quilting and other production processes. Once the broken needle is left in the fabric, the metal detection system will automatically alarm to ensure the safety of mattress fabric production.

(4)Seam the mattress trademark :

Most manufacturers now sew the logo on the quilted layer or edge of the mattress, including Homylink. This procedure uses the trademark sewing machine to sew the trademark which has been cut in advance on the mattress which has been made.

After the spring bed core and quilting, the layer is ready, different types of mattresses can be assembled according to one or more series of mattresses of different specifications and different degrees of hardness and feel.

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