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Sleepy Spring Needs A Better Mattress

Why do we feel sleepy in spring? According to scientific research, spring sleepiness is a response to the physiological changes brought about by the changing seasons. Cold winter, the human body is affected by low temperature and stimulation, the skin of the capillary contraction, blood flow is relatively reduced, sweat glands and pores are also closed, reduce the release of heat, in order to maintain normal body temperature. The weather in Britain is a bit dry in spring. The temperature will rise during the day, but it will stay cool at night due to the adjustment of ocean temperature. Spring temperatures in the UK are heavily influenced by latitude, with northern parts of the UK, such as Scotland, experiencing lower temperatures compared to lower latitudes and southern parts of the UK. Enter after spring, as temperature rises, the body pore of the person, sweat right, blood vessel begins to dilate, skin blood circulation also is exuberant rise. As a result, there is less blood to the brain. As the weather gets warmer, the metabolism gets stronger and the oxygen consumption increases, so the oxygen supply to the brain becomes insufficient. Coupled with the benign stimulation of warm temperatures, the brain is somewhat inhibited. As a result, people feel sleepy and do not get enough sleep.

According to the survey, the average urban population spends 80% of their time working and living indoors. The quality of indoor air affects people's mood and work efficiency, and even directly affects people's physical health. Office workers, in particular, work in air-conditioned office buildings, with the Windows closed for a long time and the indoor air not circulating, which itself is a serious hidden danger. The number of people in the office is denser, the oxygen that indoor can breathe is gradually replaced by the carbon dioxide that people breathe out, dirty air cannot be discharged in time, fresh oxygen is not injected immediately, can appear giddy, anoxic state. So, this is why we are in a closed meeting room, meeting for a long time, will feel particularly tire. That's why people in UK needs better mattres at night, they needs better sleeping quality!

So is it a good choice to sleep on a HomyLink mattress in spring? And can we enjoy high-quality sleep to alleviate the effects of spring sleepiness? The answer is definitely “Yes”!

The pocket sprung mattress keeps dry and breathable. The weather warms up in spring, when snow and ice melt, absorb heat energy and produce a lot of damp at the same time, because this air moisture is a big characteristic of spring, and mattess does not moistureproof easy generation mildew spot, breed bacterium to wait. The HomyLink independent pocket sprung mattress is one of the moisture-proof mattresses on the market. The pocket sprung structure in the middle of the mattress can effectively drain out moisture and moisture, just like the natural air conditioning system, keeping the air inside the mattress fresh and healthy. The mattress is dry and breathable throughout the night, allowing you to sleep soundly.

The HomyLink pillow top mattress is soft and comfortable. Everything is soft in spring, and the mattress is no exception. A high-quality pillow cushion is arranged on the top to make the mattress soft to the touch, as if in a pile of feathers. Sleeping on the mattress can be very good to eliminate the discomfort of the body, let the body get a lot of relaxation. Lie on it, feel very comfortable, natural roll over less, sleep better.

Memory foam mattress of HomyLink against bacteria and mites. The bed is prone to breeding bacteria and mites, especially humid, warm spring, these bacteria and mites can not be seen to touch, not to be noticed, but imperceptibly harm our health. The memory foam made of natural materials silently protects people's health, creates a benign sleep environment, and enables people to enjoy high-quality sleep.

It's important to sleep on a primium quality mattress in the spring, but in recent years, independent pocket sprung mattresses and memory foam mattresses are very popular, many businesses compete to launch, which is hard to judge by propaganda. The market is chaotic, so we suggest you choose a brand when buying, such as HomyLink mattress, one of the big sellers of amazon, who has been engaged in the research and development of mattress industry for many years, and has sold at least 1 million mattresses. As Choose a brand business is choose a quality assurance, in the brand marketing strategy, they will never be shoddy and customers could used at ease.

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