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The High-density Sponge Mattress

What does the advantage of the sponge mattress have? When we talk about sponge mattress, we haven’t to talk to the space sponge mattress, this kind of mattress can help you to relieve the bear of your waist, which is good at the slow rebound. Do not but the pure sponge mattress, because it may be a little bit hot to you.

 Is a high-density sponge good enough?

The sponge mattress is the most important part of the bedding, many people will choose their favorite mattress when they are buying the bedding, because of the sponge mattress is comfortable most people will choose the sponge to buy. A good mattress can relax the tense nerves and muscles, which take the best rest to the people. Of course, there are many kinds of sponge mattress, and every kind of sponge mattress has a different advantage, and disparate of a mattress can adapt to different preferences of the people who want to choose the mattress. The mattress has the softy one and the elastic one, there has a high-density to introduce to you.

Is a high-density sponge good enough? Sure. Because of the high-density has a great memory and the strong elastic, it is enough to support the body so that everyone can shop by themselves safety. Of course, the poor quality and workmanship of a mattress have contained a variety of chemical substances to the human body. The advantage of the high-density sponge was that the high-density sponge mattress is shaped to fit the change of people's weight. Compared with other mattress materials, it is light and comfortable, at the same time, when you sleep with your partner, you will not feel uncomfortable if he tosses and turns. Compare with the high-density and the general sponge mattress, the high-density stiffer than the general sponge mattress, the people who lie on the high-density sponge mattress feel more comfortable and will not scoliosis. The disadvantage of the high-density sponge mattress was it has a poor air permeability, the waste, water vapor, etc. generated by human metabolism during sleep will be continuously discharged through the skin, and if the mattress is not breathable, these wastes will not be released in time, which is not conducive to human health.

The quality of the mattress is closely linked to the mattress structure. The surface of the high-quality sponge mattress is a high-grade knitted fabric. It is generally skin-friendly and does not cause skin allergies. The second layer is a fireproof inner sleeve, which has a flame retardant effect and can increase the durability of the mattress. The interior is generally supported by memory foam and a high-strength sponge. The memory foam above is soft and comfortable, giving the human body a comfortable sleep. The high-strength sponge is used to increase the support and provide good support for the human body. The fabric of the sponge mattress on the fabric is generally a skin-friendly high-grade knitted fabric or a high-grade cotton fabric. The selection of the surface fabric is extremely important. The most closely related to the human body in the mattress is the surface fabric, and the quality of the surface fabric is easy to cause the human body allergic and other symptoms, so generally choose an anti-allergic knitted fabric.

 The advantage and disadvantage of the mattress and their classify:

I will introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of various mattresses. You can refer to it.

  1. The sprung mattress become the commonly used in modern times. A mattress with superior performance, the core of which is composed of a spring. The spring mattress has the advantages of good elasticity, good support, strong air permeability and durability.
  2. The sponge mattress and the spring mattress are juxtaposed as a modern mattress, which is light and comfortable, but has poor support and breathability.
  3. Coir mattress Coco mattress is made of coconut shell outer layer fiber. It was green, breathable and elastic and it has the characteristics of warm in winter and cools in summer.
  4. The latex of the Natural Latex Mattress is a natural material. It is derived from rubber tree juice. The latex has super high elasticity and conformability. It can disperse the weight of the human body evenly and automatically adjust the bad sleeping position.

 The introduction of the sponge mattress

The current of the sponge mattress is mostly a slow rebound sponge mattress. A one-percent slow-recovery sponge mattress has good rebound characteristics, it greatly reducing the tossing and turning in bed, thereby it improving people's sleep quality effectively. The difference between slow-recovery memory foam and a traditional sponge is that the slow-rebound memory foam is a special material that is different from any sponge that has been in contact with before. The slow rebound memory foam is a material that can be deformed according to changes in body temperature. When the slow rebound surface is pressed, it does not produce a rebound force until all the pressure is evenly dispersed. When the external force is squeezed, it will slowly return to its original shape.

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