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What does a good mattress do for sleep?

Recently, the world's authoritative structure has redefined the amount of sleep required by humans across the age range. The report states that sleep is an important activity to sustain human survival, and that adequate sleep time and a good quality of sleep are closely related to our health. Lack of sleep can increase the chances of many diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and respiratory diseases, which can seriously affect our health and even shorten our life span.

So how does a good mattress improve the quality of our sleep?

 1. Reducing the best posture to explore before bed, have you found that some people will toss and turn before going to sleep, shrink legs, stretch waist, have not slept for a while feel that there is something wrong, either feel sore back, or feel numb shoulders, either feel too hot, or feel too cold, in short, how to sleep is not appropriate, so so move around, and finally their own insomnia, because this physical activity drives your Excited nerves, want to sleep but just can not sleep, this is typical of the mattress and the body does not correspond, that this mattress is not suitable for you.

2. Reducing sources of interference, when you are sleeping with your partner, if you are a lightweight sleeper, a mattress with strong motion isolation can help prevent you both from disturbing each other. If you wake up during the night because your partner gets up to use the toilet or tosses and turns a lot, it can tire you out and affect your sleep and therefore your health.

3. A person's essence during the day often depends on the overall performance of sleep at night, which is relative, why many people wake up after a good night's sleep feeling still tired, in a trance, doing things fearfully, which means that your essence is not enough, the reason is that the time to rest is not well rested, bad night sleep, no spirit during the day, this phenomenon is very common, but the vast majority are sleep mattresses do not This phenomenon is very common, but most of them are not matching the mattress during sleep, a single force is too much, thus appearing sleep blood obstruction and vascular hypoxia led to wake up fatigue, why many women spend a lot of money every day to buy skin care products but also long spots, every day to eat and drink nutrition are not lacking, why long wrinkles? The reason is long-term sleep fatigue, sleep fatigue is also called low quality sleep, the human body's various functions have not been repaired. With a good sleep, work efficiency is also greatly improved, the body can also get a better response.

So it is very important to choose a good mattress. If you have poor sleep quality, you may want to look at this PINE Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The PINE Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress uses gel memory foam, combining gel particles on top of memory foam. This material helps stretch the spine and gives the feeling of being wrapped in a cloud when you lie down, providing the right amount of cushioning to keep your muscles as relaxed as possible, and with the combination of gel particles, the unique material reduces the amount of heat your body emits and avoiding the build-up of sweat, but without feeling cold. With the ability to adjust your body's sleeping position, it makes it easier for your body to fall into a deep sleep.

The springs are individually pocketed, which absorb the pressure released by your body and because they are independent, they are extremely motion isolated, so that the movements of your partner, children or pets will not interfere with your sleep. The independent picketed springs are also divided into seven zones to rebound pressure according to the different parts of the body, providing just the right amount of support for each part of the body and providing you with a better night's sleep.

Overall, this mattress is perfect for those who are light sleepers and need to improve the quality of their sleep!

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