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What's your sleep posture?

When you sleep, everyone's sleeping position is different. Here are 24 different sleeping situations. Which one do you belong to?


It's healthier to sleep right than to sleep left

Of the 24 positions, the right side (no. 3) and left side (no. 7) were chosen as the most common sleeping positions. Right-sleepers believe that sleeping on the right may be better for the heart. The left side sleeper believes that sleeping on your left side is good for digestion. So which side is healthier? It also sparked heated debate.

Different Sleep postureThere have been media reports that sleep position can affect heart function. Because the heart is on the left when sleeping to the right, the heart position is high, in the chest pressure is the minimum, is conducive to reduce the load of the heart so that the output of cardiac output increased. In a 2003 study published in the journal of the American college of cardiology, subjects with congestive heart failure were more likely to avoid sleeping on their left side.

In terms of digestion, it has also been suggested that sleeping on your right may aggravate gastroesophageal reflux more or less. A 1994 study of digestive juice reflux published in the journal of clinical gastroenterology found a significant increase in total reflux time when sleeping on the right side.

To the left or to the right, each has its own story. But at night, most people change their sleep positions, so they don't have to "change positions and sleep again".


The sleeping position also reflects the psychology

Besides physiology, sleeping position and psychology also have a delicate connection. Psychologists have also found that the amount of sleep each person needs each night is closely related to personality traits as well as people and age. Of course, this is not necessary.

A survey conducted in the UK has identified six sleep positions and found that each position corresponds to a personality type. At the same time, sleeping position can also reflect this period of time mood, mood, psychological defense.

Fetal position

This kind of fetal position into the mother's body, outside just soft, strong appearance has a sensitive heart. They may be shy when they meet someone for the first time, but they can relax quickly. The arched back provides a strong sense of self-protection, and this is the position where people feel most secure when they are suffering from painful setbacks.


Sleeping on a tree trunk

That is, the body to one side, arms extended downward, along the body. Most of them are outgoing and sociable

Leadership and charisma are evident in many cases. But they are credulous and naive. This kind of sleeping position is the reflection of the carefree and contented state of mind, the life of the period of time or study state are more satisfactory to a near paragraph of time.


The missing sleeping position

Turn your body to one side with your hands outstretched at right angles to your body. They like to interact with people, outgoing personality, easy to integrate into the collective. But people who sleep this way are more suspicious, sometimes even cynical, and find it hard to disagree. The missing sleep position is a reflection of the cold war or avoidance of problems.

Sleeping in the soldier position
Lie flat on your back with your hands close to your sides. People who like to sleep like this tend to be introverted and more conservative. Will meticulously adhere to strict standards, and over time will not consciously strict requirements on others.

Sleep in the starfish position

Lying on your back with your arms slightly up on your pillow, this person is helpful, is a great listener, is generous, has many friends, but doesn't like to be the center of attention.


The freefall position

Lie on your stomach on the bed with your hands on the pillow and your face to one side. This type of person is easily nervous, generally more active, often due to the lack of foresight and reckless, their criticism of others generally can not humbly accept.


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