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Why Is A Gel Mattress Suitable For Teenagers?

The choice of teenager mattress is exquisite, which need parent science according to adolescent skeletal development characteristic. The mattress that the choice should be aimed at teenager to grow ceaselessly "S" type spinal cent 11-13 years old, 14-18 years old two ages undertakes effective support, make teenager is in suffer day long time incorrect sitting position, motion, the vertebra that affects normal development gets effective stretch, loosen, decompression and correct. Specifically, it is divided into two requirements:

1. Safety and environmental protection. The resistance of teenager is poorer, and teenager mattress is the place that the time that the baby stays is more, so common mattress compares, the safety requirement of teenager mattress is taller, in order to protect the health of the child is safe, mattress face cloth should make sure to use 100% pure cotton, internal glue also must use environmental protection glue.

2. Suitable hardness. Teenager mattress should accomplish to stick to teenager body model, support its body effectively, prevent teenager vertebra from being out of shape, make kid limb is loosened, promoting haemal circulation, be helpful for teenager health to develop.

What are the advantages of a gel mattress?

1. Refreshing and comfortable

The outstanding characteristic of gel mattress is qualitative gel material constant temperature effect is better, maintain all the year round in 15℃ or so, when this kind of gel mattress is in summer, cold and refreshing slippery, can reduce the stuffy feeling that produces in morning process. Using cool gel mattress in cold winter, won't have the the cold feeling, but promote the improvement of sleep quality.

2. Adjust the temperature and humidity

Now, we will understand the benefits of the gel mattress. Gel material can effectively absorb sweat and remove moisture, which is beneficial to skin moisture. Gel material will not affect the comfort level due to the temperature change, and the whole has the effect of constant temperature. Can play a good role in temperature control and humidity.

3. Improve bearing capacity

Cool gel material is generally used as the filling material in the mattress comfort cushion, which has a good sense of comfort and can greatly improve the supporting and fitting effect of memory cotton and deeply protect the health of the spine. Gel material is comfortable and soft, good fit, can also play the role of the whole body massage. The gel material is similar to latex material in performance and has no irritating effect on human skin.

4. Safety and environmental protection

Cool gel material is generally the use of natural plant interior of the most essential part of the extraction, so in the safety and environmental protection to ensure. Gel material and latex have big difference, gel has latex related characteristics, but gel material will not cause human skin allergy.

HomyLink's PINE cool gel mattress has the advantages of a gel mattress and adopts an ergonomic design, which can not only provide effective support for the body of teenagers but also reduce the body temperature during sleeps so that the body of teenagers can have a better rest. At the same time, the gel material and the independent pocket sprung can provide effective support for the teenager's body, so that the teenager's body can rest well, decompression and correction.

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