LEYEAH Chair is Designed for the way people work today. It can meet the needs of tablets, mobile phones and computers with different postures. It gives the user a greater adjustment range, sitting on it for a long time without getting tired.


Ergonomic office chair with headrest support:

This chair has rubber rollers, which can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to sit more flexibly. The swingable ergonomic backrest design allows the person sitting in the chair to relieve the stress of sedentary.

The armrest can be moved up and down to make the arm more freely. The smooth S-shaped appearance and soft cushions make it looks even more attractive.



"Most desk chairs offer tilt, swivel and adjustable height mechanisms for customized comfort. Choose the right desk and chairs from a stylish selection to create a luxurious and productive work space.

A mesh back and cushioned seat allow you to sit comfortably, while adjustable settings for the seat, chair back, armrests, and adjustable lumbar support, help you customize your perfect fit for the workday.


Ergonomic Mesh relief office task chair:

This is an office chair who will provide a tilt, swivel and height-adjustable mechanism to provide customized comfort. Choose the right chair from a stylish selection to create a harmonious and productive work space.

The mesh backrest and upholstered seat make you sit comfortably, while the adjustable settings of the seat, backrest, armrests and adjustable lumbar support help you customize the perfect sitting position for your workday.