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GILIA Breathable Knitting Fabric Memory Foam  Pocket Sprung MattressesHomylinkMemory Foam+Pocket Sprung

GRADIVS Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattresses Relieve Stress Strong Support 22CM

  • Individual Pocket Sprung System

  • Supportive Undisturbed Sleep

  • Refreshing And Energic All Day

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Extraordinary Pocket Sprung Mattress

Pocket spring mattresses combine springs and fabric pockets to provide a comfortable and supportive night's rest. They are individually wrapped coils that sit within their own fabric pocket. The springs themselves are not directly attached; meaning each spring is able to move independently, providing enhanced support and adjusting to the contours of your body. This independent movement of the springs also prevents 'roll together' if you sleep with a partner.

Massage Convoluted Wave Foam :

Excellent shock-absorption and High resilience with massage wave shape, promote the blood circulation in good condition, fully relax your muscles and release the body stress, keep your spine balanced and positive, help adjust and correct your sleeping posture to greatly improve your sleeping quality.

Customer Review :

Customer Reviews

Based on 180 reviews
Great med/firm value for money mattress

First impressions are not good when it’s opened however give it 24 hours and it regains shape and comfort . Great medium to firm mattress . No chemical odour as described in other reviews . Would recommend for price .

Sleep comfortably mattress

"This is the future of Matress Sales

I bought this for a spare bed for my son when he visits. It came as advertised; wrapped quite well. It was fun to watch it expand. I gave it a 5.0 star rating
I asked if my son slept ok and he says it is comfortable. I will be sleeping on it this week so if I don't agree, I will add to this review.
It does sleep comfortably. I have slept on this mattress two nights now and it is very comfortable; it does not sag.I love this mattress and for the money value, would buy again."

Comfortable Night Sleep - At Last !

I've had my current mattress for a number of years and it had started to sag a little and I was waking up with a sore back. I decided to go for this particular mattress as it was memory foam and at a very competitive price.

I wasn't sure where I was going to put it when it was delivered as I was expecting a full size mattress, but it comes packaged in a small box. It is vacuum packed and rolled into the box. It is rolled with the air sucked out of it for transport. It arrives in a smaller box , although heavy was very easy to accept the delivery. It was delivered in just a few days too which was great.

The mattress is very well made and once put onto the bed frame and opened, it soon filled with air. I left it for a few hours to make sure it had fully expanded before making the bed. It did say to leave it for 24 hours, but I was a little too eager to get my bed made ready to sleep in that evening.

I was hoping for a firm mattress which was still soft and I am very satisfied with this. It meets my requirements perfectly. When I lay down on the bed it is very comfortable and supportive. Since changing over to this mattress I am no longer waking up with a bad back which is fantastic.

It has pockets of air and is evenly spread for a comfortable sleep.

I've now had the mattress for around 2 weeks and I am very happy with it. I would highly recommend it to others. It is a great mattress for a great price.

Great mattress for the money

Read all the reviews for mattresses around this price point and after 3 weeks of sleeping on this mattress the results have been very good. Lower back pain has gone, me and my wife can fall sleep for almost an entire night and wake in the exact same position, it’s a medium-firm feel, we genuinely now look forward to going bed at night. We have added a quilted mattress protector which has added a slight addition of comfort/luxury along with some really comfy fitted sheets and duvet cover which of course is helping to achieve great results but overall this mattress is fantastic value for the money, very pleased and felt inclined to write this review so it hopefully helps you guys reading this.

Five Stars

For the price you can't go wrong! Really comfy mattress! 5 stars!