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How to choose a comfortable mattress

Which is the most comfortable mattress for yourself was the most fitted to you? So if you want a high comfortable mattress, the problem was to choose a fitted mattress for yourself.

1. Will it bad for your vertebral if I sleep on a soft mattress? 

The International Sleep Center and the world’s top ten brands are both promote and implement ergonomic mattress. So, what is the product that conforms to the ergonomics? As we all know, the spine of the human body is curved, which can well support the curvature of the whole spine.This is usually considered to be ergonomically supported, and the most intuitive feeling on the body is to sleep with a supportive mattress. 

Overall, it will be more health that sleeps on the mattress which has the function of supporting the spine than the more hard or soft mattress. If you sleep on a hard mattress in the long-term, that will cause the uncomfortable of your spinal strain and cervical and lumbar; softer is more serious, which may make it difficult to sleep.  

2.How to choose the height of the mattress?

The height of the mattress is decided by the needy of the support, many brands sell their mattresses on the market both understand how to choose the high of the mattress, and they even will develop a product for gather together a height. When Homylink develops mattresses, Homylink company defines the height according to the demand of hardness. If the height is not enough, the hardness degree that supports the body support was also different, and most of the common mattresses on the market are developed only to adapt to the trend, and there is no specific development based on the formulation requirements.

It is hard for 22 cm, and the mattress features are provided with lumbar support; the height about 25 cm was soft, the mattress features are to provide the support of the shoulder and lumbar; at around 30 cm, the mattress can provide the support of the shoulder lumbar and legs. The filling method and the density of the sponge required for different parts of the support and the combination of the materials determine the comfort and support height. Therefore, the core of a comfortable and cost-effective mattress is to meet the user's comfort needs. As for the definition of the height of other companies' mattresses, it is not fully reflected in the introduction parameters. 

Of course, the brand is consumer-oriented and mature market development. The material table can only determine the mattress value but does not represent comfort. A comfortable and scientific mattress needs to be scientifically matched with reasonable materials. The advantages and disadvantages of raw materials, the complexity of the production process and the maturity of the consumer market will determine the birth of a mature product.

How to choose the brand of the mattress? 

What are the main parameters to buy a mattress?

1.Decide the budget before buying, then select the corresponding mattress brand under the budget.

2.Know the main structure and core filling of the mattress, know the material level production source. The most important for the sprung mattress was the spring in the mattress. Among them, 50% of the spring factor, 30% of the comfort layer material factor and 20% of the structural design determined the comfort of a mattress.

3.Due to the promotion cost of the brand and the channel cost, usually, the same cost can only be purchased for the basic mattress of the first-line mattresses, and the middle or high-end mattresses of the second and third-line mattresses. If you focus on the brand, choose the first-line mattresses that are more reliable if you focus on performance and choose cost-effective mattresses, but you need to endorse more relevant knowledge.

How to test your mattress which you buy whether fitted for you?

The core of the comfortable mattress was your own experience. It is not better that using more materials, any materials we use for the mattress were using to meet the needs of the comfort of the mattresses. Otherwise, they pile the materials into a mattress to make a selling point. The offline brands usually have a single material promotion, they emphasizing the core technology, and the online branding materials are varied, so core technology outweighs excess material filling.

Some tips of choosing mattress:

1.Watch the appearance of the mattress, usually the appearance of the material and manufacturing process represents the production capacity and design level; watching the mattress structure, know its material and see if its main parameters meet the height standards of the purchased mattress.

2.If you sitting on an ergonomic mattress you will have a sense of sinking, so you can use your hips to press up and down to test whether it is elastic( or jumping on the mattress needs to be elastic and haven’t abnormal sound ) ; at the meanwhile, the elasticity is not strong against the human body ( reaction force and cushioning effect), which is the basis of high-end mattresses.


(1) The waist support test: Lie flat on the mattress, put ones of your hand reach between your waist and the mattress, if your hand is difficult to pull out, that is the mattress too soft. Otherwise is too hard. 

(2)The shoulder support test: The higher fitted between the shoulder and the neck, the better support performance it has. 

(3)The legs support test: The calf and the thigh are kept relatively horizontal, and the smaller the gap between the knee and the mattress, the higher fitted you will have. 

(4)Edge slip test: The edge of the soft mattress is the basis for testing the mattress. The body sleeps at the edge and it was the better that there is no sense of slip. 

(5)Choose a way that you think is most comfortable, sleep for more than 10 minutes, especially the gel memory foam mattress, and it can adjust comfort according to body temperature. Experience with your partner to see if you sag in the middle, or whether feeling crowding.

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