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The mattress to be used for Halloween

Please close your eyes in the dark, and be bold enough to blink, the "haunted" night is Halloween. 

What’s your memory for the Halloween? The humerus? The bat? The horror makeup? Or the pumpkin with eyes shining? 

Of course, the most indispensable in Halloween besides the candy it was a movie! If you feel lonely, you can open your computer and watch a horror movie, after that you will feel there is someone under your bed, your kitchen even your toilet. That was lively! 

We will talk to you about a horror story about a mattress.


Joe has a poor sleep quality, he always wakes up in the middle of the night, then he horrified in the quilt, praying that the thing under his mattress not to come to his bed.

“It must have something under his bed!” Joe thinks that.

This mattress has been with Joe for more than ten years, but there was nothing under the mattress.But Joe thinks there has someone who lives under his mattress, who was sleeping under his mattress when he was sleeping on his mattress first time, or early than him. 

Joe feels fear and anger, this phenomenon has been going on for ten years, he just wants a good sleep, but the ghost under his mattress is not scattered. He has tried many times to get the courage to climb to the bedside of the mattress when he wakes up at midnight and looks at the bastard who made his teeth grind.

But Joe was afraid of this then year.

In the past ten years, he has never seen under the mattress. He just covered his head with a quilt and shook his quilt. It seems that he can protect himself.


“I must change my mattress, ” Joe thought.

After he was wake up ones again, Joe was collapsed finally. He was sitting up with a scream and he was two hands hate the mattress, there was angry in his eyes. He decides to change a new mattress that was without the ghost under his mattress.

In the next morning, Joe run to the furniture shop, and he bought a new mattress, that was not enough, Joe bought a lot of pillows and stuffed with his bed that the ghost has anywhere to hide.

At night, Joe was lying on the bed with satisfaction, and this time there was no strange feeling coming from under the mattress. Of course, there is no bed at all. Probably the new bed and mattress were very comfortable, and after a short while, Joe went to sleep.

At midnight, Joe wakes up again and he feels the bed was shock slightly. 

His heart was beating, it seems that the next second will spit out from Joe's throat. Joe subconsciously covered his head with a quilt and curled up into a ball. But right away, Joe took his head out again. 

There is no bed at the bottom of this bed, he has nothing to fear.

With the self-deprecating smile, Joe looked at the side casually. Just glanced at him, his expression became stiff again, and the whole person’s breathing seemed to be cut off.


There was no change in the bed, only the surrounding floor was gone, replaced by the darkness of the bottomless bottom, which seemed to swallow everything at any time.

And the bed, it floated there.

Joe's body trembled, and the bed seemed to be shaking with Joe as if he had been shaken by a ghost.

"Ah!" Joe screamed at the bed, he looks down at the bottom of the bed.

There is no such thing as a ghost under the bed. There was only one quilt, and the quilt wrapped tightly with an object like a human being, and the group was still shaking slightly. The most amazing thing is that the quilt is tightly attached to the bottom of the bed, just like there is any gravity to make it fall.

Joe didn't have the heart to estimate so much, he needed an answer. Stretching his hand forward, Joe reached the corner of the quilt, and then he pulled the quilt.


A shrill scream, his voice had gone because of fear, and a scared face appeared in front of Joe's eyes.

That is his face.


With a good mattress, you needn’t afraid the monsters appear. 

Homylink mattresses make you sleep in your dreams sweetly. That you don't need to worry about Halloween this year. 

Homylink mattress can give you gentle strength to save your sleep fear.

Homylink continues to innovate technology to improve fabric comfort. 

In addition to innovations in springs, it is also very professional in the development of mattress fabrics, which are applied to the production of mattresses. 

It allows the body to stay dry and not damp and heat during sleep and is not affected by mites. 

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