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Pocket Sprung Mattress:

Suitable for customers who want to have a more supportive mattress.The stress of each section of the human body is different when lying in bed, and the GILIA's separate pocket spring design allows the body to evenly support different parts of the body, providing a scientific release of stress. Many customers report feeling held up on GILIA mattresses and waking up feeling refreshed rather than tired.

Independent pocket sprung mattress

Breathable knitting fabric

Support 7 section of body parts


Pillow Top Sprung Mattress:

Popular with customers who prefer softer mattresses. This mattress cover offers a microfiber fill for an extra layer of coziness. The surface of the mattress is made up of a soft, pillow-like surface with multiple layers of special sponges, including an Massage convoluted wave foam, and separate pocket springs to provide support. Customers who like it praise it for a night of immersion and deep sleep.

Soft pillow top

Massage convoluted wave foam

Individual pocket spring


Memory Foam Mattress:

Superior quality double-layer memory foam with multi-layer exclusive sponge layer and independent spring mattress. One layer of memory foam can effectively relieve the body pressure, while the other layer can remember the shape of the extended spine and its shape, so that the body can also enjoy the care of the ergonomically designed mattress in the night sleep. Customers who use it say sleeping on the mattress feels like a deep body rest and relaxation from the inside out.

Stretch fabric on topside of the mattress made maximise comfort

Remember the body's sleep shape

Extraordinary 7-zone support technology


Gel Memory Foam Sprung Mattress:

It is suitable for those perfectionists who want a mattress with outstanding performance. This mattress brings together many of the best features of the mattress. The unique gel upper layer can reduce the heat released by the body and avoid the accumulation of sweat. Multi-functional sponges with special memory sponges to help the spine stretch; Separate pocket spring pockets provide solid support for the body spine.  Lowering the surface temperature helps the blood circulate, helps the body fall into a deep sleep.

Features a cool-gel memory foam for extra comfort

Improved blood circulation to aid a more restful sleep

Egg-shaped massage foam fabric

Why People Choose Pocket Sprungs?

The independent pocket spring mattress has many of the same advantages as the pure memory cotton mattress, but there are more irreplaceable advantages.

Unlike pure memory pads or spongy mattresses, individual pocket springs not only absorb the released body pressure, but also reverse the force, giving the body the right amount of strength support. These individual pocket springs are also divided into seven zones according to the different parts of the body to bounce back the pressure, giving each part of the body a exactly proper support.

Lying on a mattress with a independent pocket spring layer won't cause the body to sink, it will bounce back the strength through couples of sponge or memory foam layers, that is why it is better help for relieving human body’s fatigue and ease the body cozily.

Mattress is vacuum-compressed and sealed, neatly packed in the box, smaller size and easy to carry. Within 1-2 days after unpacking, the mattress can be bounced back to its original size. We offer a 90-night mattress trial, if you received the mattress with wrong size or wrong type, please contact us with photos. (Please note: Please take a few minutes to read the introductory manual before unpacking.)