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Christmas Is Coming Soon, Surprise The Kids!

The annual Christmas is almost here. Speaking of Christmas, apart from Santa Claus and the Christmas tree, there are certainly Christmas gifts that people can look forward to. As parents, we worry about what kind of Christmas gifts to give our children every year.


Some people would choose to send stationery, some would choose to send toys, and some would choose to send clothes. We usually prepare these things for our children. As Christmas gifts, they will seem nothing new. This year is 2020. Why don't we spend some thought and prepare some unique gifts for our children!



Instead of giving some uninspired gifts, it is better to give your children a "good evening". HomyLink mattress, as a brand new mattress brand, HomyLink is committed to bringing everyone a peaceful sleep again and again. Besides, HomyLink is also seeking breakthroughs in different groups of users, children, teenagers, adults... We are constantly developing new products to meet different customer needs.


Why choose HomyLink mattresses for children?

For children, half of the day of a young child is spent in sleep. According to a survey, 75% of children wake up during sleep. There are two reasons why children wake up from sleep. The first is because younger children are not accompanied by their parents. This situation will cause sleeping children to feel the strangeness of the environment and wake up. The second reason is that the mattress is uncomfortable, young children’s skin is sensitive, and the mattress is too soft or too hard will make the child feel uncomfortable.


HomyLink mattresses currently have a variety of choices to meet different people, Pocket Sprung Mattress, Pillow Top Mattress, Memory Foam Mattress, and Cool Gel Memory mattress. Each type of mattress has different functions and is suitable for different children.


What mattress is best for children?

Children of each age are suitable for different mattresses, and we can also choose different mattresses for children according to their different sleeping habits, the best for the child.


Pocket Sprung Mattress

Pocket Sprung Mattress has medium softness, which is more suitable for children aged 5-6 who are getting used to the softness of the mattress and sleeping habits. Because the springs in the mattress are independent, they will not cause excessive correction or bending of the growing bones. At the same time, the strength distribution of the pocket spring bed is very even, whether it is a child who frequently changes his posture while sleeping or a child who sleeps in only one posture, it will not cause discomfort to the sleeping child.


Pillow Top Mattress

The biggest highlight of this mattress is Pillow Top sewn on the mattress. The upper layer of the pillow is very delicate and delicate. It brings softness and warmth, just like our usual pillows. Because of the skin-friendly nature of Pillow Top, this mattress is quite suitable for children aged 2 to 3 who need to sleep with their parents.


Memory Foam Mattress

The most common use of memory foam is to use it on pillows. The biggest highlight is that no matter how you use it, it will not permanently collapse and can effectively protect the neck. The same is true for mattresses, when the pressure spreads downwards, the highly elastic sponge can make the body bounce instead of sinking. The egg-shaped sponge inside has a unique structure that allows the body to function as if being massaged. This is very suitable for children of that age. When children grow up, they are likely to deform bones due to the uneven distribution of mattress pressure during sleep. Memory foam mattresses can effectively protect children’s weak bones.


Cool Gel Memory mattress

When we go to bed in the summer, we all cannot fall asleep because of the overheated temperature, and the same is true for children. According to research, children sweat twice as much as adults at night, so in summer, children often wake up because of overheating and sweating too much. And this mattress can prevent these problems well. The biggest reason is that the cooling gel pad can well control the heat emitted by the body, adjust the sleeping temperature, and make the summer cool and fresh, and the winter warm and warm.


A night of good sleep can make the child's body grow better. HomyLink is committed to providing different people with "good nights" one after another.

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