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Compression mattress and roll pack mattress

At the same time that a mattress brings comfort to you, it also takes a difficult problem for you: it was difficult to move it. 

No matter how hard you take by yourself, you can not move the heavy mattress in the narrow corridor and your room door. 

Maybe you have to take a risk that rises your heavy mattress up from your balcony. 

This phenomenon was improved after the compression mattress and the roll pack mattress was born up, but there are fewer people know about the compression mattress and roll pack mattress.

Can a pocket sprung mattress be rolled?

The compression mattress and roll pack mattress is used to shipping for the trade, for saving the cost for the customer, they compress the large mattresses with a mattress coil press, at last, the mattress is rolled like the quilt. 

And the mattress becomes the roll pack mattress, we also call them compression mattress. 

In this way, every export container can contain more mattresses, it relieved the cost of the shipping and the time of shipping. 

Homylink mattress was using the roll pack mattress, the mattresses will be putting into the boxes.

How about the roll mattress’ quality?

This must be the problem that the customer most wants to know. Homylink tells you that it will not affect the quality of the mattress after we compression it. 

1. The pocket sprung mattress: it was the basic sport of the pocket sprung mattress that the pocket spring will be repeatedly pressed and rebound, we compression the pocket spring, just keep it pressed for a while, it will be fine if the quality of the spring is good enough. So the mattress will not be affected after compression. 

2. The full net sprung mattress: the cor diameter of the spring is larger, it can prevent the deformation and tilt of the spring, the spring compression is also equivalent to maintaining a pressure down the process. You can just spread out the mattress, in several minutes the spring will be rebound and the mattress will restore the original state, it will not influence the quality of the mattress.

Which pocket sprung mattress is the best?

Homylink using the pocket sprung mattress, the pocket springs will give you a wonderful. 

After compression of the mattress, the volume of the mattress will be changed, but the weight of the mattress will not change, the volume of the mattress is easy enough for an adult man to carry it upstairs with the box. 

The using methods of the roll pack mattress also easy for people, you can open the packing and take it out, open the vacuum package, then put it on the floor for waiting several minutes, after the springback and waiting the mattress return to original condition, it can ready to use right away.

What pocket sprung mattress should I buy ?

After introducing these two kinds of the mattress, Homylink believe you will know about the pocket sprung mattress and the roll pack mattress now, so if you want to buy a new mattress, but you also fear of handling the mattress is trouble for yourself, you can choose Homylink pocket sprung mattress, it will make you easier to move it to your room.

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