UK Mattress Size

In the UK, bed sizes are measured according to the size of the mattress they hold, which is a standard measurement. However, the actual dimensions of the bed frames can vary according to their shape and style, which is what can often cause confusion. 

 A common mistake is to use the mattress size measurements for the required space, but you should always look at individual bed frame dimensions for exact measurements, as they will vary from frame to frame, and almost always be slightly larger than the mattress dimensions. 

 UK Manufacturers, produce their mattresses in Metric units (centimetres and metres) as a standard.

UK Mattress Size Table

Imperial (ft/in)Metric (cm)
Mattress SizeMattress WidthMattress LengthMattress WidthMattress Length
Small Single Mattress2 feet 6 inches6 feet 3 inches75 cm190 cm
Single Mattress3 feet6 feet 3 inches90 cm190 cm
Small Double Mattress4 feet6 feet 3 inches120 cm190 cm
Double Mattress4 feet 6 inches6 feet 3 inches135 cm190 cm
King Size Mattress5 feet6 feet 6 inches150 cm200 cm
Super King Size Mattress6 feet6 feet 6 inches180 cm200 cm

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